Packing up

Time to pack up our bat cave to move out from this house. The owners of it get here tomorrow so everyone has to leave. Until today I had no idea where I was going to stay but then I went and rode with Abby on Holden. So now I get to stay on her couch for the next couple of days and riding a lot! (:

Now: food and lake chill

Screenshots from filming at Odub

Down town last night

Trudi graduated with top grades yesterday so of course we had to celebrate! Down town it was and hanging out with the rest of her classmates. Woke up today and went riding on lake Jessamine before we went out to watch the Wake Games. Sweet day. Both Carolina and Charlotte went through to the next round! If I’m up by 8 tomorrow I might go out to watch them ride before we go and ride Abbys V-ride on lake Holden. But then again, I haven’t been up by 8 in a loong time now…

Last night


Getting lose and ready to shred with some butt massage.. Love living with these people!

A day in the life…

9.00 Morning set behind the boat with Theo. I accidentally used up all the gas so we broke down… Oops

10.19 Breakfast and e-mails

11.30 Went to OWC with AJ, Terry, Cody and Justin. Super stoked when I met team Sweden there and had the best cable set I’ve had since I flew over here! 2 new grabbed spins

13.14 Jumped in the car to drop Cody off at the airport, bye Cody.. ):

14.15 Got home to meet up with Trudi and raided the fridge to find something to eat.

14.36 POWERNAP (still wearing a wet bikini, not to be recommended)

15.20 Woke up, packed the car and went to Starbucks

16.00 Back at Odub and super energetic from sugar

16.o1 Super tired and fell on Back lip on the box…

17.00 Kicking it with the Swedish crew and watching them ride

18.00 Went to the mall to just chill

18.46 Filled up a gas can for the next morning

18.50 Got lost with no GPS in the car and got stuck in every red light on OBT

19.15 Panic braked the car so that the gas can fell over, everything now smells like gas

19.21 Trudi had made me dinner! (:

20.00 Chilled at the house with the dudes and Barrett teaching Trudi how to Rubics cube

23.30 Passed ooout


Had the best sleep EVER last night. Trudi’s alarm went off at 9 but we turned it off and kept sleeping for another hour before we woke up. There’s now 8 wakeriders livin’ in this house until friday when we’re moving out so we went into the kitchen and tried to not wake the dudes sleeping on the couch up. After some peanut butter toast for breakfast we went to the beach with our friend Terry in a car with air condition! The waves were massive so we thought about getting some surfing on but since we’re a bunch of lazy wakeboarders we  just laid in the sand and chilled. Such a great day and then (I’d been talking about it for like a week) we got some fish tacos at a beach shack before heading home.

Its great staying at lake jessamine and I’ve been riding at odub a lot lately. Trying to get some presses down since AJ and Terry blow me away with their style. I love Orlando so much right now and I’m so pumped on wakeboarding all the time! Now I’m off to get some gas for a morning set with a dude I met at the lake party on friday. So great that there’s wakeboard boats everywhere!

The Perfect Spot

I just saw this picture of the new a-frame at The Perfect Spot back home and it looks siiick! Can’t wait to hit it and all the statuses of people putting their boats in the water makes me happy! I’ve only got two more weeks here in super hot Florida so it’s great to see that it’s possible to ride back home.

New sick A-frame

Last summer at the spot!

Just moved in with Trudi! (:

Yesterday I packed all my stuff and left the Wakeboard Camp to go and live with Trudi on Lake Jessamine. I can’t believe how much heavier my bag has gotten since I arrived.. Anyways, we squeezed it into the car and drove over here last night. We also brought my two drawers from the camp and together with one of Trudi’s boards they make a nice shelf.

There’s six other wakeboarders besides me and Trudi staying in this house at the moment, so it’s pretty crowded. But believe it or not, the dudes are actually CLEANING right now. (Yup, it’s true!) While I. waiting for Trudi to finish school so that we can hit up Odub I went for a run, had some fresh strawberries for breakfast and now I’ll see if the guys will survive hitting their homemade rail in the backyard.


Livin’ in The Bat Cave!


Yesterday, I turned 20 and I felt really old.. It’s like Benjamin always used to say: “It’s only downhill from here”.. Haha, well I woke up pretty early and recieved a phone call from froggy saying that I’ll get my new board and bindnings soon (: Happy birthday to me! (:

Then a bunch of swedish dudes stormed into my room and jumped in my bed with a cinnamon bun and a strawberry. Pretty sweet breakfast, the only problem is that I sleep more or less naked so that was an interesting experience.. I spent my birthday cleaning, running and doing a bunch of boring stuff so that I could get saturday off. Then Trudi and Sara came and picked me up so I spent last night spooning with Sara and we woke up early to hit Island of Adventures today. AWESOME (:

Haven’t been riding much lately but hopefully that’ll change on tuseday when I move in with Trudi.. (: Here’s some pic’s from a while ago by Trudi Andersen.

Pink Zinc!