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     In May 2016 Mackie Rosen took a life changing fall in a wakeboard competition, dislocating his knee, tearing all ligaments and causing severe artery damage. The limited supply of blow flow to his foot caused a life threatening situation and Mackie had to have his left leg amputated. There are no words to explain Mackies […]


  For one week I flew back into Orlando to meet up with all my friends who travel to Florida for the Surf Expo. It’s always fun to see the new product and all the people I’ve barely seen all season so without hesitation I decided to skip one week of university (I just started […]

Wake the Line

Almost a decade ago I came across the images from the first Wake the Line event. It almost made me choke my coffee as I saw the huge arena with rails and kickers some creative soul had put  in the local swimming pools! I remember being amazed and watching the event for a lot of […]


These past few weeks I have been focusing 100% on my rehab. Normally I wake up at 6am to head to the gym and then I go back at 5pm for a bike session or water therapy. Every day is different, some days I feel really good and my rehab sessions are great and the next […]


(OBS. graphic images at the end of this post – don’t look if you’re squeamish) Today I woke up feeling like my heart had tied a knot to itself, swallowed a stone and jumped in the ocean. For someone like me with the somewhat naive attitude that I can do whatever I want, this injury has been […]


Wow, so honored by all the kind words on the Swedish News last night! I’m always a bit nervous filming for interview as you, as and athlete, never have any idea of the angle the reporter/editor is going to take. This 3 minute piece took us about 2 hours to film so obviously there’s always […]


Sommarkurser 7-10 Juli! I år kommer jag tillsammans med Froggy Vattensport att arrangera fyra stycken kurs-dagar utanför Linköping! Vill du lära dig grunderna, utveckla din åkning eller kanske börja satsa på nya volter och spins så är det alltid lättaste med coaching. Alla nivåer/åldrar är välkomna, gå en eller flera dagar och få massor med tips att […]


One of my favorite things about Texas is all the amazing nature! When you’re from Sweden and you think of Texas you think about: Horses, Cowboyboots, Guns and tumble weed. When I went there the first time I was so surprised about all the amazing watering holes around austin such as the Hamilton Pool, Jacobs […]


Dress: O’Neill Feels like summer finally arrived in Sweden, and last week I spent my days either out at the Cable parks in Stockholm or Västerås. Right now it’s mostly drinking coffee in the sun though 😉 JB is still here and I’m teaching him all the swedish I can, starting with Cocosboll and Saft. […]