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Still can’t get used to this!

After signing with Double Up I’ve come across a lot of my pictures/interviews on random websites all across the world. Take this boardstore in Korea for example: LINK I never thought I would see an interview with me in Korean haha. Love it! ♥

O’neill 365

I absolutely love the new O’Neill 365 collection! Have to try and get my hands on the”Surf Leggings”. Can’t think of anything more awesome to wear while doing yoga, what do you think? Check it out here: LINK

Check out the new Set’s in Motion episode

Few things gets me as stoked on riding as watching other girls shred gnar. I decided today that I will not make it over to America and the Pro Tour this year. This has been a hard decision since I miss the States a lot, especially all my friends over there (and Planet Smoothie) but […]

Live the life you love, Love the life you live

Whatever we are doing is right where we are ment to be. I believe that everything happens for a reason, even though we get frustrated, angry and disappointed about it. It really makes me get to know myself recovering from this injury. One set I can be totally happy with just the feeling of being […]

The past week in pictures:

Photos by Lucas Langlois DC was gangsta like usual with his irish bandana And whirly 5 comp was on! Lucas was out and super stoked! He threw some switch toe sevens Untangling ropes is Martins favorite thing to do The water was glassy but the air pretty cold Thomas and I were stoked anyways (: […]


To truly understand how much this place rocks, I thought I’d take you through a day in my life here: 9am Wake Up by the sun shining through our blinds but stay in bed for another half hour, just because I can 10am Breakfast (Usually yogi tea, fruit and yohurt) while checking my emails and […]

My Birthday

Today it was time for me to celebrate 22 years of existing on this earth. I had such a great day filled with wakeboarding,flat water, sunshine and yoga. For dinner we went into Cordoba for some sushi, shopping and frozen yoghurt. So happy right now and thanks for all your birthday wishes! You are the […]

Todays Inspiration

Comes, yet again from the amazing Malin Rapp. Ever since I first saw this image it keeps popping back into my head. When I’m at competitions, out trying new tricks or just in social situations like the latest now in Lilla Sportspegeln. Things can be so scary that sometimes we even chose not to do it […]

Xtreme Gene

So happy to be back at the best place on earth! Ever since I first rode at Xtreme it’s been where I want to spend my time. It only gets better that I now have DC, Lucas and Andres to ride with over here. Today I took my first set since World Cup and since […]