Camera Day!

My day yesterday:

6.30 Woke up, grabbed some coffee and went out to the boat
8.00 Had my first set of the day with Damo taking pictures and flax filming
8.30 watched the rest of the gang throw it down in front of the camera
11.00 Went back to the house for some Brekky
12.00 Had a snooze on the couch
13.00 Woke up and did some studio filming for one of the boards
15.00 Started loading up the boat again and watched Scotty hit his gnarly canoe set-up
17.00 Had a second set with Damo shooting from a tube. Pretty fun and scary since I felt like I would hit him in the head with my board every time i Grabbed it. Then I watched the others ride as well!
20.30 Wakesurf-time!
21.30 Quick warm up in the Hot tub
22.00 Dinner on the ‘Barbie’ with all the aussie dudes


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