My Birthday

Today it was time for me to celebrate 22 years of existing on this earth. I had such a great day filled with wakeboarding,flat water, sunshine and yoga. For dinner we went into Cordoba for some sushi, shopping and frozen yoghurt. So happy right now and thanks for all your birthday wishes! You are the best! ♥

Tune of the day:



Todays Inspiration

Comes, yet again from the amazing Malin Rapp. Ever since I first saw this image it keeps popping back into my head. When I’m at competitions, out trying new tricks or just in social situations like the latest now in Lilla Sportspegeln. Things can be so scary that sometimes we even chose not to do it but I think it’s like what my parents taught me when they sent me away to summer camp alone as a kid. If you are brave enough, that’s when you’ll find the magic and most of the time you will!

Xtreme Gene

So happy to be back at the best place on earth! Ever since I first rode at Xtreme it’s been where I want to spend my time. It only gets better that I now have DC, Lucas and Andres to ride with over here. Today I took my first set since World Cup and since my physio back home has told me to take it really easy, that’s just what I did. The whole set I had a big smile on my face and I’m so excited to be back on the water!

The pic is of the amazing sunset here


Win my board!

Glöm inte att du fortfarande kan vinna min bräda på Lilla Sportspegelns hemsida här: LÄNK

Don’t forget you can still win my board at Lilla Sportspegelns website here: LINK

Last nights full program

Feels like last night was a dream. Being pretty nervous I was so happy to hang out with the kids, they calmed me down (: I loved the clip the team had put together in the start and hope someone will be happy about getting my board. Thanks SVT and Lilla for a great night, hope to see you again soon!

Lilla Sportspegeln tonight!

When I was a kid and watched this TV-show I would always dream about being in it myself. Tonight that’s where I will be, words can’t describe how excited I am!

Wish me Luck!


Snow, minus 5, bluebird and crazy. 4 words to describe this last weekend I spent with Betsafe up in Åre to watch Jon Olsson Invitaional and Betsafe Alpine Challenge. I’m so impressed with these skiers and what they can do, how hard they slam and what great people they are.
I got to take my snowboard out for a ride with some friends I haven’t seen in ages and let’s just say my abs are sore today from laughing so hard and so much. Now I’m heading to see my physio to find out how much damage my ankle has taken from being in the slopes (and dancing on the tables) ;).  Watch the video from the contest above and check some sick shots from the event here: LINK

Lisa Francke and World Games!

My friend Lisa called me from the States yesterday! I was so happy to hear her voice and what she had to say! It looks like we both will be attending the World Games in Colombia this summer!!

She is a waterskier on the Swedish national team so we will get to spend almost two weeks together at this huge contest! I was so thrilled to receive the invitation after World Cup since I’d already been told that unfortunately I wouldn’t  get an invite to the Games. So happy things changed since I now will get to see my friend who I haven’t seen since she got a scholarship and moved to America 3 years ago. Definitely a girl you wanna keep your eyes on!

photo from here: LINK




Sorry for a lousy update, the blog is moving platforms and thats the reason why it’s been down for a few days.  But it looks like it should be alright now!

The last few days I’ve been spending with my family in Stockholm and seeing my new Physio, Britta, at the Swedish National Sports Complex Bosön. What can I say other than she is absolutely amazing and we’ve been working with acupuncture, massage as well as strengthening exercises. After a week of anti-inflamatry pills as well I feel so much better and I can’t wait to get back on my board. First up is the MRI tomorrow to really see what is up with my ankle and then I’m off to Åre with Betsafe for some snowboarding! It’s been about a year since I last played in the snow so I can’t wait for that either! Hopefully my MRI will give me good news and I can get cleared for getting back in the water since I’ve already booked flights to head back to Xtreme Gene on the 9th of April. I’ve been watching so many edits and dreaming about what to try next, plus hearing the stories from my friends who are already down there I feel like I’m sitting on nails. Thankfully I’ve been by the O’Neill Office TWICE since I’ve been back and they’ve cheered me up a lot with fresh summer clothes.

Well that’s a city update from me, talk more soon!



Betsafe Interview

Betsafe just posted an interview with me about world cup. Now it’s in Swedish so if you don’t speak that language it might be a little hard to understand. Read it here: LINK