I got it!!!!

Can’t describe how happy I am right now! Whirlybird is one of the two tricks I dreamt about landing when I started wakeboarding, about 7 years ago! Today I managed to do it so that makes it my first invert with a full twist. DC dragged me out of bed to go for a morning ride, I let him ride first and when I got on the water I was pretty much still asleep. I fell on so many of my basic tricks that I decided to just throw it and on my 5th go I kept riding. I couldn’t really believe that I was still standing and just screamed a little girly scream. So happy right now!

For you who don’t know what a whirly is I googled it and picked the first video that shows it. Here you go:

Oh and this as well means that the bet is cancelled out! I don’t have to ride in only my bikini att Chill N Ride! Yewww! (:

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