Jetlag baby!

I cannot sleep. These are things I’m thinking about right now at 4.15 am:

Where me and Hanna should stay when we go snowboarding in Åre when I com back home

 John john and me in Åre! (:


John John about to get a headache 

Where I should live when I go to Orlando

 might be living with these cool cats!

South Africa

 I wanna go back someday!


 I keep loosing my bikinis, only have 3 left on this trip!

My family back home

 My brother!

What board to ride on cable this year

 Betsafe board? 😉

If I’m going to be really tired for not sleeping (again) tomorrow.. ): How long will this thing take? Stupid time difference...

Guess I’ll have to use plenty of these to get amped to go ridee!

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