CCP Kicker Contest!

I rode without a wet-suit all week-end! Just being able to do that made my day yesterday but then, it was also the comp. I rode pretty bad and fell on everything. Luckily for me, it was best trick and I managed to throw the biggest grabbed tantrum ever and it was enough even though the other girls shredded like crazy!


1st Mattis Hoppe – Sw hs bs 7, late melan grab
2nd Andreas Kjaergaard – Pete Rose 5
3rd Mads Bille Bloch -Ts 9
4th Alex Kaiser – Whirlybird
5th Trolls Engholm – Roll to Blind
6th Simon Rasmussen – Whirlybird


1st Caroline Djupsjö – Stalefish Tantrum
2nd Lina Lundgren – Hs fs 3
3rd Line Caramon – Frantrum
4th Julie Lüchow  – Scarecrow
5th Susanne Friis – Tantrum

Kicki, Frida and Fanny chilled out

the best pen everrr

It was a good day for swedish riders and team WCPE…

On the Train

On my way to Denmark for the CCP Kicker Contest. Got a cheap train ticket off tradera and have been dragging my two boards all over Stockholm central. Don’t I love not  having a car… Besides, for some reason, the train doesn’t have internet!! I’ve been sleeping, watching a lousy horror-movie, Impacts, relentless and pretty much all the pictures I have on my computer, pumping beats and playing with photobooth on my computer which makes the dude next to me look at me funny..  IM SO BORED!!
Well, at least I’ll be riding cable tonight! It’s been way too long..

My most played songs right now:

(I managed to launch this when we were still at a station for a couple of minutes.)



O’Neill!! ♥ ♥

Went to the O’Neill office today and got soo much awesome stuff! Can’t wait to wear it and the headphones I got were so sick!


My sisters wedding

I took some days off riding to be at my sisters wedding and woow! These pictures speak for themselves! I had no idea I was such a softy but this was so beautiful that I started crying during the ceremony. The party later on was pretty crazy too when my dad and I rocked the dance floor! Love you sis!


På väg hem från Köpenhamn och så ska min laddare vara trasig! Jag sitter och försöker snåla så mycket jag kan på batteriet för jag är ju beroende av den här rosa saken nu.. Hade några grymma dagar på CCP men råkade dyka rakt ner med huvudet först efter kickern. (Detta rekommenderas inte då vattennivån ibland är så låg som typ en meter) Det resulterade i några läskiga minuter i vattnet när jag inte kunde röra huvudet fast det visade sig bara vara några ömma muskler så efter en lugnt kväll och en god natts sömn så var det lugnt.

Nu blir det hem till min käre mor några dagar och gå på bröllop samt äta ordentlig mat (och inte bara pizza vilket verkar vara det jag lever på) och sen upp till F-town för att åka med gymnasiet och få shredda min rosa båt-bräda! Och träffa Elin, min polare som har varit i Aussie sedan September.. Can’t wait! Förhoppningsvis ska jag kunna slippa känna mig som grannen i Beck-filmerna vid det laget. Dags att bränna slut på batteriet och checka några Tarrantino-filmer…

Har haft sååå kul och hängt ut med mina danska team T-shirt homies, checka deras edit här: LÄNK


So Lund was a great comp! I had like 5 red bulls before the finals so during my rides I was just super happy and pumped on everything! It didn’t even hurt when I acidently hit land after a toe backroll to revert, I just noticed I was all muddy. All the girls rode good in the finals, Maria did a sick gap from the pool to the lake and Trudi landed her toe 3 perfectly. Even the kiteboarder Malin killed it on the box! Maybe we should get her into wakeboarding instead…

We ended up like this:
1st: Mee! 😀 😀
2nd: Maria Jorlén
3rd: Trudi Andersen
4th: Malin Rapp 

Anyways, after the “after wake fest” I hitched a ride with team T-shirt from Denmark down to CCP and we went riding for a couple of hours before the storm hit. Went back to Alex’s place and played skate while eating chips. Then I sleept for a good 10 hours so now I’m back on track and about to hit the Cable up with Thomas. We have a 7 competition going on so whoever gets closest or lands a 7 today will get a free meal tonight, I’m super stoked! (:


Epic party

We found this note on the door to the apartment this morning… 


First place! About to go party…

Trudi likes her Norwegian bread

But she’s disappointed that the bread is packed in plastic and not paper…

Lund Wakefest!

Just woke up on another couch here in Lund and got an awesome cup off coffee by Oskar (the cool dude who let’s me and Trudi stay with him and who actually even fed us last night). We tried the set-up yesterday and I had so much fun cause it’s pretty hard core but all the girls where rippin’ so just had to suck it up and do it. But it worked out great so I’m excited for todays comp (and after party). It took Trudi and I about 3 1/2 hours to drive from Uddevalla to Lund but then we ended up looking for the lake for a loooong time. We called Maria to help us find the way and Trudi explained our confusion with “We’re one Norwegian and one Stockholm-girl in Lund okay..” after we got the direction to go “200 meter to the south”. Come on dudes, right or left?? haha

Here’s a link to the website and check in often since there’s a lot of updating going on (:

Right now!

The dudes from Fagersta (Markus) just got to the spot! We’re leaving tomorrow for Lund Wakefest in like 4 cars. Supersweeet! (: Me and Trudi rode good today, landed a couple new tricks each! yeah! Now we’ll try to get these dudes out of our beds and go to sleep. Wish us luck…


finally landed something new yesterday! Got both my grabbed tantrums and ts bs 180 off the kickers here at the spot. Yeeees! Judith also tried her first toe 3 and was super close! We’re bringing the girlpower back here, driving the 2.0 for each other in the freezing weather! After jumping on the trampoline and riding like crazy I’m super sore and can barely get out of bed in the morning. I’m pumping some music in my little cabin out here while eating Kalles randiga (the best thing about sweden) on toast for breakfast. It’s a new day!!

Coconut records in my speakers…

And Florence + the Machine, such a cool artist!


Seems like this situation occurs to me pretty often these days…

The Perfect Spot!

I’m here! Love this place and look what was waiting for me in one of the cabins! (: Thanks Froggy and O’Neill! (:

Costal Culture

I’m on a train at Gothenburg central now on my way to The Perfect Spot in Uddevalla after a week-end full of amazing adventures. The Coastal Culture expo with “Sörfaretjejer” was sick! I tried SUP for the first time, saw awesome skate-action in the ramp, met new people and basically just had a great time. I loved meeting all the girls with “Sörfaretjejer” and the whole day was so great yesterday. I’m so impressed by Malin Rapp, one of Swedens best Kite-girls and all the sweet spirit that was in the air amongst the girls in general. Like at the afterparty where 50 surfer-chicks took the dancefloor and killed it, dancing on the tables and the rest of the club just wondered what was happening. Thanks Nordic Surfers for this awesome event!

New edit!!

Trudi and I put together this edit from OWC with some rail-hits, enjoy!