My very first florida storm!!

waking up at 7 am cause I can’t sleep when these bright lights keep flashing in my eyes.. Oops it’s lightning… 

Is it wrong that I think that this is sooo cool?? And cozy.. (:


Just went to hot yoga with these girls and it was amazing! I was dripping sweat on the floor after like 10 minutes. Can’t believe I haven’t tried this before. Definitely something I’ll keep doing back home..

(I need to find another camera for shots like this, they all turn out so blurry)

It’s now 8.49, good night folks…

Awesome pics from Odub..

When me and Trudi were riding a couple of days ago, we took these pictures with the “One picture every other second” option on my GoPro. Kind of entertaining…

Setting up the camera…

Start posing..


Ehhm.. something’s wrong..

AAAAHHHH we’re standing in a nest of fire ants!!




At Trudi’s

Love what you see as soon as you walk through the door… 

Beach day!

After a days shredd at OWC I slept at Trudi’s last night again. We stayed in bed, ate ice cream and watched a movie before we fell asleep. So today, we woke up early and headed out to Sebastian beach to meet up with Charlotte and her friends. Thank godness for Emily’s car with both AC and a working stereo! (No offence Trudi…).

When we got there the waves looked amazing so we decided to go and rent a surf board (even though we don’t really surf) and some nice guys in a surf shop helped us out. We even got to borrow one of their personal rash guards to prevent us from getting burned. So with that and our coloured zinc we headed out for a couple of hours. This was my first time shortboarding and it was really hard but I was stoked to actually get up a couple of times!! (even though I fell of straight away). Surfing is soo much fun and I’ll def see if I can go somewhere to do it again!

Emily and Katie



After shredding, tanning, swimming, burning, getting worked bad, chilling and running on hot sand we decided to get some food. We asked the dudes in the surf shop for a good place and they recommended the little fish shack right next door. Honestly, that was the best thing I’ve eaten since I got here!

Awesome food!

O’Neill Sweden and Norway – shredd

Yesterday I went to OWC to ride with Trudi and I was soo happy to see her again! After feeling a little home sick it feels great to meet up with a “swedish” friend who reminds me of home. And yesterday was crazy!

So, we decided to go to OWC to shoot right? What do I do? I forget the memory card back home! So in a crazy buzz of happiness we both jumped into Trudi’s car, raced to the nearest Best Buy while screaming and laughing in Swedish. We ran barefoot into the store, grabbed the first memory card we found and was out of there in less than 3 minutes. Before getting in the car and racing back, we both grabbed a Starbucks frappeccino and gased back to the cable.

We rode and shot for about 2 hours and got some pretty nice material. Although we both learned a lot about shooting with a GoPro and some of our material went straight in the trash.. I was supposed to go down town last night but after a day like this with both morning shredd and cable I was so tired that I almost fell asleep in the car on our way back to Clermont. Got stoked when I saw Trudi’s facebookstatus saying that she was as tired as I felt..

Well, here’s some pics from yesterday. Enjoy!


Trudi’s awesome car! (which we need to clean…)

GoPro shooting, video coming up

7 am Shreddd

Brandon woke me up at 7 this morning to go ride. So with a huge coffee cup,  The Killers in the speakers and the sunrise we went out. I tried some frontflips again (which turned out to be backrolls). It felt really awkward but at least I got some good laughs out of it. Then Brandon and his friend Dan rode while I was driving the boat like I was drunk or something. Somehow it was really hard for me to go straight this morning, weird!

Now, I’m going to jump on the trampoline and wait for everyone to got to OWC and meet up with Trudi. It looks like it’g going to be lots and lots of riding today. (:

Picture from when I rode with Amber and Abby a couple of days ago

Stalefish… (love gopro!)

Psycho 2!!

Aahh! Just got some pictures of my new wet-suit in my inbox! It’s hard to imagine needing to wear one when it’s this warm but I guess things aren’t as good in Sweden. I’ll prob want to wear this one anyways just cause it looks sooo good! Thank you, thank you O’Neill and Froggy! (:

I just came back from a sweet set with Brandon where I worked on some landings and tried the Melissa, really liked that board on the water too! It’s so light and.. eeh, well.. it’s pretty 😉

Lake Hiawassee

I went to ride with Amber and Abby today in the sun, warmth and no wind. Abby’s V-ride was loaded so the wake was sick! I mixed some shooting I did a couple weeks ago at TWC with some stuff we shot today and here’s a little video for you!

(sorry about the bad edit, I just wanted to show you how it’s like over here)

Lick my horse!

We just got all the 2011 stuff from liquid force in at the camp! I’m stoked on trying some new boards but I don’t like the graphics much this year apart from Melissa’s, Watson’s and Harley’s boards. Want to try em!! (:

The Melissa.. Looove (notice california on the back of it…)

Last night, I spent some time on the trampoline with Brandon and I’m stoked on trying frontflips on the water agains since it’s been like two years since I last tried them. Then I got some more lessons in foosball. I ALMOST won one out of seven but nope, seven straight losses.

Why I love America…

By the way, On my bike ride yesterday I stopped at wall-mart and saw another ben n’ jerry flavor I didn’t know existed!! Soo excited to try it out! (:

This week-end

Last night, I went over to Katie’s house and spent some hours on the hot tub along with Emely, Katie, Nicola and her sister, Reed and some of his friends and some margaritas. Then we all went out in the boat to watch Reed and his friend ride and was I impressed! He did more spins on his wakeskate then I do on a wakeboard. Sick!

Crazy trees by Katie’s dock

After sunset when we slowly were riding back towards the dock, the moon came up and as promised it was bigger than it has been in like 20 years. So nice!

We spent the rest of the night watching like four movies before we all fell asleep in the couch.

I woke up this morning and went for a bike ride which ended up taking almost two hours. It was sweet though!Then I got back to the camp and tanned for a couple of hours with some coconut oil (inspiration by mattias). I’m going to tuck in early tonight and hopefully ride a lot tomorrow! (:


Doesn’t look too bad..

Just wanted to let you guys see what I saw when I logged on my computer today.. Don’t you just love these kind of apps… 😉

St. Patricks Day

Good morning!

Yesterday ended up being a crazy night! I went out to grab some sushi for dinner with Trudi and Flavia before we decided to go out! Because I still felt bad for last Saturday I decided to be the designated driver and so I got a car load full of people before hitting the road. At first we were going to this house party but when we got there, there were no girls to be seen so our male friends didn’t really feel lika staying. We ended up driving for a good part of the night since we couldn’t decide where to go but we ended up goin down town and Vain.

At the door, I for some reason wanted to get in as if I’m 21 and that way get a wristband (which was really stupid since I wasn’t drinking anyways) but the bouncer just looked at my ID and we had a interesting conversation:

Bouncer: “Ehh, you’re under age”
Me: “No, I’m 21, see..? (:”
B: “No, you’re 19..”
Me: “…Yeah… ): I’m just trying to get a wristband”
B “….”
Me ” (:”
B “haha, well, just go in” and I got the X’s on my hands.

Stoked that he didn’t get mad. Our nightclubs in Sweden sucks by the way. I loved to be able to dance outside and whatch the skyskrapers, feel the hot florida air and get lost in the base. After a couple of hours, I drove us back home and went straight to bed. It hit me while I was driving thru the crazy streets of down town Orlando that I’m on the other side of the world, driving and acctually living here! That’s a crazy feeling of power!

Since I didn’t bring my camera, here’s some pictures of what Orlando looks like at night…

Since I didn't bring my camera, here's what Orlando looks like at night...


Stupid stupid headache! Wont go to cable after all, hope I feel better tomorrow!

When I was feeling sorry for myself and whining to the campers I got offered an advil by the young ripper Sofia who’s at the camp right now. I love that when she gave it to me she also told me “you can’t wakeboard without advil close by!”. Love that she already has that attitude when she’s only 14! (Btw, she also landed her first tantrum today so I bet we’ll see lots more of her in the future!)


Another day in sunny Florida with perfect conditions. I learned how to ride wrapped on my second set! (yup haven’t done it before) and straight after I landed a wrapped sw ts bs 180 one wake. Super stoked on that really weird trick which was no more than a couple of inches high!  I also hung out in the boat while the campers rode and I’m pretty impressed by these guys. Specially with JJ’s raley crashes! While tanning in the front I accidentally fell asleep so now I’m toasted by the sun. Got a pretty sweet raccoon tan from my sunglasses…

(Old riding shots by Cassie Sichel)
I love that it’s so warm out here that you don’t even have to wear a wetsuit when you ride in the sunset, it’s even better than we ever get during the swedish summer!

Tomorrow is cable day and Trudi’s birthday! Yay day! (: