Time to leave..

I can’t believe 3 months has gone by. It’s been so fast and I’ve definitely had one of the sickest times of my life. Been so sad packing up all my stuff since it means that I’m leaving Andres, Becky, Mason, Matt, Debbie and DC; the incredible staff of Extreme Gene. Had my last boat set last night in the sunset on glassy water and then a paella dinner. (Now it sounds like I’m leaving forever but technically I’m planning on going back in 4 weeks)

Now it’s time for new adventures as I head for wakestock. Right now in Manchester Airport waiting for Trudi to land. To be honest I’m a bit nervous about the contest since I haven’t thought about competitions in so long. I’m stoked to meet up with the other riders who I haven’t seen in ages like the British shredders Jules, Charlotte and Sian. I have a feeling it’s going to be a sick week! (Even though I have to get used to the temperature change and riding in a wetsuit again)


Photo: Jose Gonzalez

I’ll keep you posted!


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