Cope n’ Waken

I just signed up to ride the Cope n’ Waken in Copenhagen the 9th of July, right before heading out to Italy and worlds. It’s going to be a sick contest sponsored by O’Neill and Red Bull. Check it out here:



Yeey! Been back in Orlando for a couple of days, riding every day with different people. A lot with Abby on lake Holden with her awesome friends in the boat, on the biggest wake I’ve ever ridden, Jamie’s 230 out in Maitland and with Kamper, also on Holden. I love the weather here even though it rains every day at 4 pm. The water is 33 degrees and the air is about the same.

My cord is still missing so here’s how good I look right now, just after the morning set (eeh, at 2pm) cause the blog gets lame without pictures. 😉 Going home to eat a fish-taco before riding somewhere else now. Peace!


Back in Tennesse after a great riding/shooting day yesterday. Had a great first set where I started working on some new stuff. Then the guys shot for a looong time so at the end we were all just cracking up and laughing at everything, especially at AJ… Still haven’t fixed my camera but my friend Andreas just finished this little edit from CCP a couple of weeks back. Check it out!

Lake Gaston

So arrived to Lake Gaston in North Carolina yesterday and set up the tent after taking a set off Nicks boat. I looove the 230! The guys woke up before sunrise this morning and went out to shoot while I “slept in” until 8 am and we headed out to East Coast Wake Park for a rail contest. I wasn’t going to ride but when we we’re out there the rails just looked too much fun not to so I entered as the only girl. Had a great time playing around and got 2nd in the intermediate division. The guys weren’t too stoked about their placements so now we’re back at Adam’s and just washed up old style by swimming in the lake. love this! My camera cord is still missing but I’m working on finding a new one.. The blog gets lame without pictures!

Going camping

Had 2 sets behind 2 different boats yesterday and one of them was an X-star on the Tennessee river. Loved it! We went home and spent the night at Terry’s parents and now we’re about to leave for North Carolina and a Gator photo shoot for these guys. Apparently I’m camping this week-end which should be pretty interesting since I’m about as wildly as a piece of chewing gum. Going to pack up the car, hopefully I’ll get my camera working today so that I can throw some pics up here.


Car ride to Knoxville to go ride today but when we got here it rained so much that there was no point. Instead we just hung out, watched some movies and ate ice cream oh, and watched the weather channel for a good two hours hoping to change the prediction. It didn’t really work but tomorrow should be better.

I’m soo jet-laged right now that I’m proud to say that it’s now almost 10 pm and I’m still awake!! Although I passed out a good 10 times during the last movie we watched. Going to sleep now though! Peace out (:


Was so excited from the moment I stepped on the plane yesterday! Got a ride with my brother to Arlanda and my first stop was in amsterdam (ofc was the first thing I did to get like a liter coffee at starbucks). Then I had a 9 hour flight to Atlanta where it took me another hour and a half to go through the immigration/customs. I didn’t have to pay extra for my boards this time since I packed only boards and bikini’s, kind of, and therefore only brought my boardbag.

Terry and AJ had been waiting for me for like an hour when I finally got out of the airport and we went straight to Terry’s uncles house and passed out. I just had the best breakfast with PB toast and Coffee. aaah It’s soo good to be back!!  


AAAh just bought a flight ticket back! I’ll be sippin’ Starbucks by Tuesday! (: !!!!!!!!!!