Red Bull Cope n’ Waken – late

Found this post that apparently never got published, anyways, here it is!:
One of the funnest events I’ve ever been to! The whole day was great! Perfect weather, sunny, no wind and lots of stoak in the air. We started off with some test-runs from 10 in the morning. (This was though after my favorite Natascha woke me up with breakfast.)

There was about 10 open women entering this comp, all of which were cable riders except for me. Or I guess I don’t really know what I am anymore. Or wait, Julie was there so I guess there was two of us.


Anyways, the set-up was great with rails and kickers from CCP and a sesitec 2.0 system. My testrun went good except for that I couldn’t seem to get the handle on my spins. It’s weird riding 2.0 when you haven’t done it for a while. At least the rails worked out in my qualifying heat and I think thats prob why I made it though since the girls were throwing flips of the kickers and air tricks!

I was stoked on seeing Denise again and she killed the air-tricks as usual. Getting me pumped to throw a tiinie little railey. It ended up with me and Denise in a head to head final and she beat me but I got a good second place. Andreas Kjaergaard rode so good with double S-bends and backmobes in his run so he won the Men’s category. Good day for team O’Neill so to speak..

The Danish girls getting ready

Riders Area…

I love team T! (: Hope to see you guys soon!!


So the team is finally home in Sweden and me and John John went straight to WCPE, the perfect spot. Going to hit the 2.0 up tomorrow before maybe going home or doing something else. I don’t really know yet. I’ve had such a good time hanging out with all of my team-mates and the other European riders who I only see like once a year. Guess the next time will be Europeans in South Africa in January.

Well, my sleep is all messed up but I guess I should try to go to sleep in this cabin that smells like wet bindings. Can’t wait to play on the sesitec tomorrow!

5th Place

I was so nervous when I was about to ride yesterday so I fell twice on my toeside backroll (which I always land otherwise). Not the best run but still,now I can use the pick-up-line that “I’m one of the top 5 female wakeboarders in the world”. 😉
Congrats to Raimi Merritt, from the US, the new world champion!


Riding in the World Wakeboard Championships 2011 Finals today against some of the worlds best riders! So stoked to have made it this far in my first ever open women worlds. Can’t wait to ride! (:

Mattias went through!

So far two people of team Sweden has gone through their first runs, Johan Wikström and Mattias Hoppe. Jeremia rode his LCQ’s today and even though he rode good he ended up 2nd in his heat and is therefore out of the comp.

I had the day off and spent it exploring Italy with my dad who flew down here on tuesday. I looove Italian ice cream!

love the mountains!

Later we had dinner and hung out at a bar close to the hotel with half the danish team. Sweet day!


Rode my quater finals today and I got in a though heat with Raimi Merritt from the US, Chen Li Li from China and Deidre Van Neikerk from South Africa. Well let’s just say that this wasn’t my best contest run since I ended up riding with the wrong rope-lenght and fell on my heel 3 which I otherwise have super consistent and so I got 3rd in the heat and have to ride in the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifying) on friday to pull through to the Semi’s. Actually pretty disappointed but afterwards team Sweden, Norway, Amber, Jules and I went down-town Milan and damn what a city! Here’s some pics from today:

The results:

Downtown Milan

Got my board!

Yees! My board (and the rest of my stuff) finally got here! I’m soo excited to put on fresh clothes since it’s pretty warm here so my t-shirt has not been the best one.. The only sad thing is that my stuff were wet when I threw it in the bag after Copenwaken so you can imagine how JohnJohn complains about how our room smells now…  Oh and my can of expensive lotion exploded all over my board so at least I’ve got a well moisturized  board now!

Today we had the opening ceremony and I rode my test-run today (on Jeremia’s board). It didn’t go too well since his boots were too big for me and the board just felt weird. But got my sweet gear now so we’ll see what happens in the quaters tomorrow. Jeremia Hoppe and Johan Wikström of team Sweden are riding their first run tomorrow too, stay updated! (:

Italian pizza rocks my world!


Just woke up in Italy and heading downstairs for some hotel-breakfast. The rest of team Sweden had their testruns yesterday but my boardbag got lost in the airport so hopefully it’s waiting for me in the lobby now and then I’m off to try the course out for the IWWF World Wakeboard Championships 2011. Yesterday we had a day off which we spent eating italian pizzas at the beach and tanning. And I guess I’m getting really good at checking in girls cause that’s what the rest of team Sweden where doing all day long.

Well, gotta run! 


Denise beat me this time! She killed it though and apparently it was close. Well, at least I got some new stuff from O’Neill, off to the after party now! Better update tomorrow! (: