I got 2nd in my first ever Swedish Championships. A little bummed I did not win but I rode good and Anna, who won it, simply rode better. It feels weird loosing a contest but it also gets me pumped on learning new stuff. Today is the Scandinavian championships at the same spot so maybe I can get a rematch. (:

Swedish Nationals

Kickin’ it in The US…

So today is the Swedish Nationals in Cable. I drove back to Fagersta last night with my friend Johanna whom I haven’t seen in like 2 years, good girl talk in the car while listening to Nicki Minaj.

I had really bad luck with traffic and my GPS sent all wrong but I made it here right after the cable closed.. ): Never had time to ride but got to see the smiles of the others that rode. Can’t wait to see them shred today! Although it’s so cold that I really miss Orlando a lot… just being able to cruise in a Bikini or not to wear a jacket but who knows, sometimes mother nature loves Sweden too.

I ride at noon and then I’m judging Junior Men and Open Men so wish me luck! (:


Stockholm for a night and it feels good being back after this looong drive! Love my car though! ♥

Last night in Norway

Tomorrow, Trudi, myself and Odd continue our trip back home to Sweden and Fagersta for the Swedish Cable Nationals and The Scandinavian Championships!

Norwegian Champs, recap

The Norwegian Championships were so much fun. I’ve met some amazing people and had some great rides. Sadly a minor storm started to take place during the Open Men Boat Finals and the waves were as big as the wake was. But it was sunny and warm the whole time so judging in my bikini was pretty sweet anyways, just hard to write down the tricks since the whole boat shook so badly from the waves. The 2 brothers Jon and Jørn Simen Aabøe still rode good and ended up 1st and 2nd on the podiom followed by Egil Furre as 3rd.

As always when there’s a wakeboard-event, there’s an afterparty only this time I was not really feeling it. I hung out and watched the prize ceremony with everyone else. Got super proud of Trudi when she won Open Women’s in Cable. Then I actually went back to the trailer and went to sleep by 12. Only to be woken up a couple of hours later by 2 of my friends throwing themselves at me and “planking”. After getting really mad the first few minutes they still wouldn’t give up, I had to come party. So they dragged me (literally) by my feet out of the trailer and started to throw my clothes at me. By this time I couldn’t move from laughing so hard. And so I started partying by 2 am and finished by 6.


So the rain is pouring as the norwegian champs starts. They are doing cable now and soon the boat comp will be on. My hip hurts like crazy after the fall but it’s not bad. At least I had a great run before that happened! Landed every air-raily and roll to revert i tried so they are starting to grow on me. I’m chillin inside eating a veggie-burger but I guess I have to go out and get wet now… 

My Favorite Shorts!

Aaah, I left my favorite shorts in Orlando but apparently  Trudi had the same one’s and she didn’t  mind trading them for another pair! Yeeees! (: 

Norwegian Championships coming up

Here in Norsjö it’s a lot going on since both boat and cable nationals will be held here this week-end. Since I can’t compete (not being Norwegian, duuh) I’ve been asked to judge the boat contest. And yesterday we spent some time measuring the course, or I guess Trudi’s brothers did that, I just sat in the boat and watched them. (:

We also had to check the wake so both me and the present Norwegian Champ, Odd got to ride a bit. The best thing about living this far north is that the sun goes down so late so I rode my set around 10ish. Sweet with 2 cable-sets and one boat-set in one day!

Mesuring the course


Oh and I got planked when I fell asleep in the boat before riding… Damn it! haha