Foot Tattoos hurt!

Using my time off the water pretty well. Got my tattoo fixed today so now It’s got about 5 days to heel before I get back in the water, surfing this time! I’ve been googeling Morocco and Taghazout since this was a trip I won at Lund Wakefest in May and didn’t even know where I was going really. It looks sick though so I’m stoked to learn how to hit the water without a boat next week!

I’ve always had a special  bond with my brother. For some reason I really love the monkey so much!

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Pics from Chris West

Just hanging out in the city this week running errands and doing laundry for Morocco and Melbourne. Trying to get someone to come with me to the girls skate night in Fryshuset tonight. I don’t really skate that much (I don’t like bleeding) but sometimes the urge hits me, like this second. And since it’s now been over a week since I last stood on a board I’m getting edgy.. Pics from Worlds by Chris West


I guess Trudi and I love the way people celebrate Halloween in the states so we went all in last night. I loove playing dress-up and I was pretty stoked on my Katy Perry costume. Trudi was awesome as Hot Rod with her mustache, I laughed so hard when I first saw her. It’s been a super fun week-end, just said bye to Elin and thinking about getting something to eat…

Halloween shopping!

Heading out to buy the last couple of pieces for my halloween costume! I love halloween more than any other holiday like christmas or easter. Trudi and I are going all in on saturday! (:

Elin is coming here tonight too so this week-end is going to be awesome. I’m also working on shipping away some old wake boots to swedish girls in need. I discovered I have 8 pairs I dont need so it’s a biig load!

Lots and lots of boots

Some stoke

Saw Amber and Melissa in this little edit and I like! Love the Melissa boots for next year, cant wait to get mine! (:

Snowboard spirit

Love my clothing sponsor so much! Went by the office today again with my cousin Nick since they have a sell out on their test collection. It’s still on tomorrow from 11-19 so if you’re in stockholm, go visit O’Neill on stadsgårdshamnen 28 (same building as Fotografiska) and bring cash!

Since I’m prob going to have summer for another 3 months (travelplans for sure) I grabbed mostly summer clothes but I also managed to get my hands on this bad boy. Can’t wait to go snowboard now but it’ll have to wait until February. At first, I was very skeptical to the fabric but now I love it! What do you think?

Möte med Fulbright

Jag har fått för mig att jag vill börja plugga… …Nästa höst. Men jag vill inte bo kvar i Sverige och därför söker jag mig till USA. Nu fick jag en hög med papper som jag ska läsa igenom och prov att plugga för.  Jag hade glömt bort hur det är att plugga, bara genom att läsa igenom häftet för “Study for the SAT” så började det svartna för ögonen men vill man bo i Orlando så vill man… Fulbright är den Svenska Amerikanska stiftelsen som hjälper folk som mig som vill plugga i USA. Dom är verkligen trevliga och hjälpsamma så nu ligger det i mina händer igen.

Earlier this year in Orlando with Abby and Amber



Sneak Peak

Been off my game blogging lately but today I got this picture from Niclas Magnusson from when we shot in Denmark. I can’t wait to see the others and I will post them eventually. Right now, I’ll throw in a sneak peak.. 


Chilled in the city with these girls today and did girlie stuff like shop and drink coffee. These girls crack me up, I laughed so hard the whole café looked at me. Luckily they’re coming to visit me again next week-end and then we’ll be going out! (:
Elin has an Iphone these days to so had to try the camera out since my phone still only lets me answer calls when it’s on a good mood. 

But Win!

So I was really bummed out yesterday and had a lot of problems with everything from the weather to the spots to pissing off friends. When I went to bed last night I was sure that we were not going to go out and ride today. Woke up this morning and looked outside the window to see my favorite weather (not): Rain. Still I was so stoked and couldn’t wait to go ride!

It was about 7 celsius in the air and STORMING. For being this part of the world it was crazy windy and the rain was pouring down making everything wet. Still The photographers were stoaked so we went to the building for the Danish Radio and started setting everything up, tapping this concrete dock thing. Since the building has glass windows, we soon had a big crowd looking at what we were doing and Yes! Got some good shots! Even though the winch broke after my 3rd hit. Well, I’ll show the pics to you soon. (: