New trick!

Yeeaah! (: So stoked to ride with this crew, they always pump me up. Even though the weather was so bad with a choppy lake and I freezing wind we went out and everyone had great sets! Stoked Brionny is back from her surf trip in Canada and so happy to land a new trick in, I wanna try to put it in my contest run for World Cup! (:



Office work and rain. I wanted to go surfing today but the ocean didn’t want me to so it didn’t deliver any waves at all. Instead I’ve been writing my report for the Swedish Wakeboard Federation about my trip down here during brekkie at a little café. I only have 17 days til World Cup and after that it’s only 5 days til I fly back home. It feels like you’ve been in Narnia when you’re gone for some time and then fly home, things usually haven’t changed too much and you just dont know what to do with your time. Kind of a weird feeling… Ah well, morning thoughts

37 degrees!

So hot here right now and I had the best sesh with the crew the other day! It just sucks when you are about to sleep cause I cant from the heat so my body hates me right now. I spent last night in the park, celebrating that my friend Ellie (aka frenchy) got her Australian citizenship approved (or almost approved 😉 ). I felt really aussie sine we we’re having a barbecue and playing cricket in the shade of some trees. If I’m lucky I might go and ride with one of my favorite boats later today, a Nautique 230 just like Dylan’s which I rode up in Goldie. I miss that wake…

I’ve really changed a lot when it comes to wakes since I started wakeboarding. I remember thinking that the people complaining about the wake were spoiled and that they should just stop blaming the boat for riding bad. That was when I was riding with Lida Vattensidklubb behind an unloaded and no tower ski boat. Now, after trying the best wakes in the industry I’ve definitely turned into a boat-bitch! At least I’m not blaming my board, just yet… 😉

Wakeboarding with Catti!

So life has gone back to normal pretty fast here in Melbourne. Every day routine except for that I’ve seemed to be getting sick from never sleeping. I was hanging out with my friend Catti who I haven’t seen since gymnastics practice like 4 years ago and I took her wakeboarding for her first time! She liked it and got up on her first try! (: It was awesome speaking swedish in the boat with all the dudes going like “whaaat?”. We hung out on the lake all day, riding with 2 different crews. The wake was perfect so it didn’t even matter really that there was a bunch of dead fishes floating in the around. Try not to get that nasty water in your mouth…

Jetlag baby!

I cannot sleep. These are things I’m thinking about right now at 4.15 am:

Where me and Hanna should stay when we go snowboarding in Åre when I com back home

 John john and me in Åre! (:


John John about to get a headache 

Where I should live when I go to Orlando

 might be living with these cool cats!

South Africa

 I wanna go back someday!


 I keep loosing my bikinis, only have 3 left on this trip!

My family back home

 My brother!

What board to ride on cable this year

 Betsafe board? 😉

If I’m going to be really tired for not sleeping (again) tomorrow.. ): How long will this thing take? Stupid time difference...

Guess I’ll have to use plenty of these to get amped to go ridee!

So many memories!

This was really one of the best trips of my life! Here are some pictures so that you might understand what I mean:

3 awesome Wakeboard Chicks!
 the Chicken Game!
team Sweden F**k Yeah!
We taught the South Africans to “Vaska”
Great times in the boat with Pinty, Dylan and the others!
 My personal pro-hoe! 😉

Pool party! 

The dudes helping me untangle my rope..


Mr Cameron boat driver!Perry stoked after his ride
Frying in the sun and watching the comp

Linda! ♥
Podium with 2 shreddas!loooveJeremia sunset shred!
Team ♥ 

Just a big thanks to Mange for hooking team Sweden up with a sick crib and getting us out of bed in time for our rides! All the riders at this event, you guys are so sick! I love hanging out with you and hope to do so again soon! And thanks to the locals showing us the best time, kaurata! (:

4th time’s a charm!

Sorry for not updating earlier, we’ve been too busy drinking champagne with the rest of team Sweden. I was sooo nervous before my run and starting last was not the easiest since I had to watch the others ride. Sian Hurst from Ireland had some bad luck and fell in her pass but she still threw sick inverts and a massive ts off axis 540. I was up right after her and I started off by hitting the rail and then got most of my tricks down even though I had some problems with my toe 5. It was apparently enough anyways so right after my run I heard the announcer say “In first place, from Sweden..” and then I was thrown in the water and sprayed with beer from my team mates. Sian came in second place and Laurianne Masson from France grabbed the 3rd.

Right after I rode Jeremia was up in Junior Men and he landed his first ever Moby Dick in his contest pass! He also earned so much respect from the rest of the riders for trying double Tantrum off the Double Up! I am so proud of Perry! He ended up getting 5th and the winner in that category was David from Ireland with a sick pass! I can’t believe how good these riders are getting!

We celebrated all night, I’ll tell you more about that later cause now we are hanging out and having hangover breakky before heading off to the airport and going back to Melbourne!

Mickan: E&A Champ AGAIN!

I completely forgot to tell you that Michaela killed her competition yesterday in her final. Since I’m not perfect with wakeskating terms I don’t know exactly what they are called but she stomped 2 different shuvs and a massiv wake to wake jump yesterday amongst steezy slides on the wakes. No-one were even close to catch her and she beat her nearest opponent by 20 points! Michaela now has 3 E&A golds in her closet somewhere, congrats Mickan!! (:

Finals today!

I just woke up and can’t really go back to sleep. I guess I could blame it on jet-lag but honestly I’m pretty nervous. Going to stretch some before the others wake up and now I’m just pumping tunes thought I’ll throw some pictures from the week up in a sec. I’m also really hungry and thinking about the breakky waiting for us at the site.. It’s going to be hard to get used to not waking up to this every morning: