I came around!

Today I fully came around on my whirly and landed with the handle! My only problem: I landed short on top of the other wake and  fell. This was on my 10th attempt and this trick really takes it out of me so I had to take a break after that. I only have tomorrow left to land it so now I am faced with the dilemma of going out in town and enjoying my last saturday night here or to go to sleep early and work fully on it tomorrow. Unfortunately it’s leaning towards the later option since I really dont want to ride in bikini bottoms at Chill N Ride. Stupid bet!


Morning ride with Becky.

image    image

rock paper scissors about who’s going first since we both have to drag each other out of bed. I love the mornings here though. Going to miss it so much!

Oh and yeah, that’s what my hair looks like in the mornings! Peace! (:


Bet Update

With a blasting 40 degrees and the sun burning we still rode a lot yesterday. The Irish boys (Davie, DC and Dan haha sounds like a disney show) are such a good crew to ride with! I love Davies Ipod full of really nerdy music. Anyways, I had a great morning-set where I got my sw heel 3 again and almost got my tootsie. I felt like it was too early to go and die on Whilrybirds so I left that for my second set. For some reason they didn’t work at all and I was way off compared to the other day. I was feeling a bit nervous about the bet but I also felt like I have no strength. It’s so hard not to ride every day here since the conditions are perfect but I’m going to force myself to take today off and come back stronger on friday. Last night I felt like Bambi again with every single muscle in my body aching, a crazy headache from  coaching on the water all day and for some reason my throat is killing me. I went to sleep without having the energy to eat dinner and now I’m starving for breakfast. 100% rest and then friday, I’ll get it! (hopefully 😉 )


Stupid Frenchy

So, riding for a betting company and since I won €50 on last weeks soccer game I felt a bit brave and decided to engage in another bet with Lucas “Frenchy” Langlois. The bet followed:

If I landed my whirly bird, Lucas would have to ride the Chill N Ride contest in Germany in my boardshorts (that is my very small and pink ones) and if he landed his Switch toe 7, I would have to ride the comp in only bikini bottoms (and vest of course, no boobflashing here 😉 )

It resulted in me throwing the first couple of whirlys I’ve tried in 2 months and was so close that Frenchy cracked the comment “Carro, I’m thinking about shaving my legs”. Unfortunatly for me it didn’t go all the way and on top of that Frenchy stomped his  sw toe 7! As the gentleman he is, he gave me til the end of this week to land my whirly or I’ll have to ride without boardies! Most people might not think that this is too bad but everyone in the industry knows that the boardshorts is the riders soul so I got to land it now. Stupid me and my bets…

Me and Frenchy back in April when we actually needed wetsuits

40 Degrees

Sorry for not blogging for a while, it’s been so hot over here and my head has just been too smushie to be inside and on the computer. We’ve been riding a lot, especially now since another european champion, David O’Caoimh, is now training here for the next week. Everyone’s been riding really well and we’ve had a sick time in the boats (except for that Davies luck with breaking boats seem to have followed him here but they’re okay now). The heat has also broke our water tank so for now, we are all hippies taking communal lake showers together and brushing our teeth on bottle water. It’s pretty amusing having all of us standing on the back of the boats after riding, soaping up before jumping in.

Well now I’m about to go ride again, last week here before heading to wake stock so I wanna make the most of it and I forced myself not to ride yesterday to recover. Can’t wait to hit the glassy water!


RIP Orange Shorts

When riding today I went for a grabbed Tantrum (which isn’t a too crazy trick) completely over rotated and landed with a smash. I was completely fine but after getting up again I noticed that my favorite O’Neill shorts were not. Unfortunately they had tore up the side so I just wanted to post this picture in their honor. I will miss you…

Rope Swing!

After riding all day yesterday (I started working on switch frontflips, DC landed a pete rose and Frenchy got some batwing blind 3’s!) we all drove out and set up a rope swing for some fun times. I managed to do half a backflip and introduced my knee to my face. It resulted in a fat lip which we had a lot of fun at last night but today it’s all gone.


Here are some pics from our  trip to Torremolinos, a beach right outside of Malaga this week end. Perfect for a couple of days of wakeboarding.

 Ben N Jerry Ice Cream!

 Chillin’ in the sand!
Piña Coladas
  Hotel view
 Beautiful Becky from a night out which most of the pictures are for private eyes only 😉



Been too busy doing this all week end to blog. Had such a good trip to Malaga, I’ll post a longer post about it later today. (:

Day off!

So I’ve been riding every day for the past 14 days so now me and Becky are taking the week-end off and going to the Beach in Malaga. Sand, Drinks, Spanish Boys and Salt Water. Talk to you on monday!