Got to love technology to be able to blog from my phone in this exact position. My brother, who’s a massage therapist has complained a lot of my short wakeboarding muscles so I’ve started to work a lot more with my body. Well his influence and the fact that I’m now old. 😉


Early morning set

Me and Becky dragged ourselves out of bed to have time to ride before the customers today. When we got out to the canyon we were happy we did and I landed 2 new tricks, Switch toe 3 (which, to be honest I’ve landed a few times before years ago) and Switch Blind One for my first time! (: Happyyy! Now Protein shake and then ‘work’!

Ts backroll to revert

Got it back today, stoked! Even though it was crazy windy when I rode I had a fun set. We have Jorge Gill from the UK here training right now and damn that kid rides good! Putting pressure on both me and DC. Tonight, I’m passing out early though…

Chilling in my Superkini

No, we didn’t run out of gas

When you are wakeboarding the work out can be a bit one-sided. Therefore I like to ensure that I get some different kinds of work out in the form of example paddling and swimming. This is why, yesterday, we ended up on the middle of the lake with no gas in the boat so that we could work out and paddle/swim it back to shore. Enough said.

Psycho 3

Are you spoiled if you sometimes wish the water was cooler so that you could ride with your new awesome looking wetsuit?

Thanks Froggy

Girls wakeboarding


Pic from the other day with plenty of chicks in the boat. It’s great to see girls who dare to take space and who get each other stoked! Definitely one of my best weeks here with so much progression from every one. I had to take a break and jump in the front going: “wait wait, it’s not too often you see this sight”.


When I lived in Orlando I used to ride a lot with the very technical rider Abby Delgoffe. She also happens to be a chiropractor and runs the site I checked in there today and noticed a post which explains about feet injuries that occur in wakeboarding. Very useful for someone like me since I’m still having problems with my foot after that one crash weeks ago. I thought you guys might like it too.

Awesome Abby throwing a whirly bird (I think) 😉