3 days of rain

No riding for 3 days since I left my Psycho 3 at home! It’s been a lot cooler that I expected so I’m working on getting it shipped down here. Instead here’s a list of what I’ve been doing:

  • Yoga – Very entertaining since we’re crammed in a pretty small space when we can’t be outdoors and I got a lot of the guys to join me. Teaching wakeboarders to stretch is a pretty fun experience, you should try it if you get the chance.
  • Playing poker – A LOT, I lost so many games in a row that I owed everyone money but being the gambler I am I played one more and won it! Which means I’m now out of debt
  • Baking – I don’t know, something I do when I’m bored. My brother says it’s a girl thing
  • Reading – Finished the third book of The Hunger Games, Loved it!
  • Cuddling with the kittens
  • Looking at flight tickets
  • Drinking an average on 4 cups of tea a day (My Yogi tea I brought from Sweden is almost out!)
  • Waiting to see if I’ll be on the World Cup list or not. (since I missed the last stop due to my appendix surgery I’m not sure I’ll get to ride the next one, I’ll find out any day now)
  • www.bored.com – Love it!

Red bull kitten


We have 3 of them here now! About 7 weeks old and so cute! I got to name this one and since he almost got eaten by a dog (we found him in its jaws) I called him Dogfood. (:


Sore muscles, hair in mouth, skin red from the sun, blasted tower speakers pumping a mix of Chiddy Bang and Taylor Swift, faded red nailpolish, blisters from running, sun in my eyes and a massive smile on my face for achieving one of my goals today. For someone else, it might not seem like a big deal, and maybe it’s not, but it still made me smile today and therefore I’m grateful.


I’m back at Xtreme Gene again! After getting picked up by my lovely boyfriend from the airport we spent the afternoon and night in Malaga, shopping eating frozen yoghurt, hanging out by the beach and having tapas dinner. We stayed one night in a hotel and drove back to Xtreme the next day (after sushi lunch on the beach). Mini vacation felt great and we got back in time to go for a quick ride behind the 220. I’ve really missed this place!

@ my favorite restaurant in Sthlm


Running errands today getting everything ready for Spain tomorrow. I went by O’Neill, bought some Swedish protein powder which I cant live without and met up with my dad. Now rushing home for the last in packing before a crossfit sesh tonight. ‘don’t do tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow’ right?


Packing for Spain (correction, should be packing for Spain) but stalking wakeboarding instead. There is a reason he’s the most stylish rider out there. Hs 7 whaat?? (:

Stop resisting

“Stress is literally just resistance to whatever the moment presents to you. Today notice what areas or moments in your day that you most resist. What would happen if you were able to let go of some of that resistance? This doesn’t mean you have to stop striving for your goals, but rather that you do your best and then let go of your attachment to an outcome. Constant resistance and inner turmoil wears you down more than anything else and does nothing to help the process. What would you do with this extra energy if you were able to simply stop resisting life?” – Tiffany Cruikshank

With those thoughts, me and Vovven say good nigth!