World Cup

A few days ago I got my invite for the World Cup stop in Indonesia, a few weeks from now. I’m really happy since I missed the last stop in Australia due to my appendix operation but wow is the line up crazy this year! It’s going to take a lot of effort to make finals since pro’s like Amber Wing, Nicola Butler, Raimi Merritt, Bec Gange and Sian Hurst are going to be there. I’m really excited to be one of the 10 invited girls to go and I’m very stoked to train for the contest. Also now writing this I’m really nervous since I really want to do well in this contest. One fun thing about this is that I’ve started to throw tricks I normally would be too scared to throw (like raleys). It’s true what my fellow BetSafe teammate Marcus Zyrken Gustafsson’s picture states below:


Today I achieved something I’ve been wanting to learn ever since I got my first wakeboarding video (Wakeboarding 101 on VHS). It has taken me about 4 years of trying it once a year and killing myself every time. Then having to wait another year to stoke myself up to try it again. I finally landed a raley behind the boat!! The trick isn’t that technical it’s just really a mental thing for my part. I’ve been doing it off the cable for a bit but the boat always seems so scary. I’ve been stalking videos of very talented rider Sasha Christian from Singapore, since she does a perfect one and trying to copy her.

So happy right now, heading out to dinner with my favorite crew! (:

Sasha in a raley


Good morning!

Two days of the water has made me try a lot of things to not get bored, including painting my nails (which will get ripped my first set back on the water). Copying O’Neill Surfer Girls Bree Kleintop and Sage Erickson and their anti bullying campaign. Check out the O’Neill Girls Blog to read more.

Love boarding!

I can’t stop riding! Having so much fun with Dylan, DC, Andres and Becky here and Ride every day! I’ve ridden so much my blisters on my heels has turned into bleeding wounds so today I’m planning on letting my body rest. It’s hard with the perfect conditions and the progression of my riding though!

Right now we have a bunch of German kids at the camp and wow are they progressing. Even though I don’t speak a word of German and they speak very little english one of the guys tried his first tantrums (back flip) a few days ago. Yesterday, he landed it and this is a 10 year old with no fear. They are so cool in the boat cheering for each other and riding with big smiles on their faces. I love having them out even though my coaching with them consists mostly of sign language. The new wakeboard generation will be crazy, there’s no saying how far they will go!


“When I came to Spain and I saw people partying I thought to myself What the F**k?”

Ferier came to town a couple of nights ago. It is a crazy thing where little Almodovor for 5 nights turns into a crazy party from 9pm to 9 am. We went on friday and had such a great night that I didn’t get to bed until 6am. 2 hours of sleep and then up again to take people wakeboarding. Some of out guests didn’t stop there but kept going with vodka red bull when the rest of us had breakfast at 9am. They where playing the game “last one standing” and two of the refused to give up. By lunchtime we could see one literally falling to the floor and curling up to a little ball fast asleep.

The night was amazing with great rides, shooting ranges and sangria. Pictures speak more then words so I’ll let these talk for themselves.

Yoga Cat


Getting about 3 of these things in my hair every time I do yoga at the camp. Love them!


Hey, so I logged on to dear facebook today and saw this photo that Malin Rapp posted and it’s so awesome I had to share it with you. She’s one of the crazy cable girls from sweden and also a real inspiration when it comes on her view of life. Evereytime I’ve seen Malin she’s had a great smile on her face and a board under her arm. You should check out her website and also when she was shredding with Judith at WCPE. Dawtas are amazing!