“If I only scrape a living, at least it’s a living worth scraping, if there’s no future in it, at least the present is worth remembering”

Today I came across this video on my facebook feed while drinking my morning coffee. It is such a simple, beautiful and honest video and it’s been in my mind all day.

Orlando if full of womens’ riders who rip right now and honestly womens’ wakeboarding has reached a division I thought would take way longer to get to. Every single one of the riders out here are throwing at least a couple of tech-tricks each set and just look at the final-runs from masters with moby dicks, crow-mobes and massive tantrum to blinds.

Being around this league of super-women is both inspiring and intimidating. I think I needed some space to get my thoughts back under control as it is easy to get dragged into the “I’m not good enough” which seems to haunt me a lot. I know so many young women with these thoughts, not only in wakeboarding but in society and for me once I start spiraling down that trail, it just gets worse and worse. That’s why it was good for me to get a change of scenery, to get my motivation back and to realize that YES, I am good enough. No matter what tricks I land, how hard I train or where I finish in contests, I will always be good enough.

Coming back here and being pretty jet-lagged I keep waking up at 6.30 every morning and for the first time in a while I’ve been rolling out my yoga mat. Getting back to yoga, even though my minds screams at me that “there are so many other things you should be doing right now!!” has been the best decision ever. It makes me take a step back from my controlling mind and see the bigger picture. Just like Mickey Smith seems to have done, all I can do is agree.

“I feel genuinely lucky to hand on hart say I love doing what I do, I may never be a rich man but if I live long enough I most certainly have a tale or two for the nephews, and I dig the thought of that”

Belfast and sun!


IMG_3348After a quick Stockholm visit (39 hours to be exact) where I had time to meet up with sponsors, go shopping, see the dentist and cook an amazing meal for my family I am not back in Belfast. Even though my swedish weather rapports said 12 degees and raining (hence I brought the warmest jacket that I own) it’s actually really nice and sunny! The first thing to do was to go out to Cable and Wake for a sunny and freezing at the same time cable sesh. My good friend Loes Linders from the netherland is visiting DC here now too so I had a great time watching her stomp some new moves 🙂 And I got to use my new helmet for the first time, thanks Betsafe!!

Today we are heading north to ride some boat with some of Irelands top riders, I can’t wait!

Apollo Entertainment

Had so much fun shooting at Chain of Wakes a few weeks back. That camp is so much fun and I can’t wait to go back and ride with the Brittish/Irish invasion. Here’s a few tricks from our day of fun 🙂

Drivers license, Hyperlite and Tofurky

Days here in Orlando are flying back super fast! Yesterday was one of them as the day started with a sweet morning ride with my room-mates out in our backyard behind Abbys boat. The water was glassy and the temperature right now is just right, not too hot but yet hot 😉


After a quick breakfast I went to take my written drivers test for my American license and was thrilled to pass it so that now I am one step closer to an american car! On our way home we managed to get ourselves some complimentary Starbucks after which we went off to film for a new edit we are working on. I can’t tell you too much but I can give you a sneak peak of this picture:


After smashing a Tofurky sandwich (I am soo addicted, its tofu that’s ment to taste like turkey) I got picked up by my Hyperlite team mate Raimi and we drove out to Shaun Murray’s house for a photo shoot. It was really amazing to get to meet Shaun (who else has his own videogame??) since he’s always been a great inspiration to me as he was in the VHS film that I would watch when I started wakeboarding and also on the posters on my wall from when I was 15. After a full day of shooting me and Raimi went out to dinner and then I had my first Cold Stone since going to America. Ice Cream here is sooo yummy and thanks Hyperlite for treating us 😉


Over all it was such a good day that when I got back to the house I watched one episode of  “Revenge”, my newest addiction, before I passed out around 10.30. Ready to do it all again!