Wakeworld Bikini guide



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Nicola decided that it was time to bring some performance oriented bikini-guides into the Wakeboarding industry. Therefore instead of the normal supermodels posing in the smallest bikinis she put together a shoot with some of the worlds best female wakeboarders who all happen to be absolute babes as well. I feel so honored to be pictured next to these beautiful girls so if you’re looking for some tips for good apparel on and off the water, here’s some tips for you. Read the whole article on WakeWorld here: LINK

Photos by Nicola Butler

MyWake Global Challenge

The coolest contest-format ever must be the MyWake Challenge. Everyone knows that you ride best on your home lake, with the boat that you’re used to riding behind and with your own crew of people cheering you on. The Mywake Challenge is a contest which allows you to compete like that. By submitting a video of you, doing 3 tricks in a row online it makes it possible for you to compete agains people all around the world AND they have divisions for both Pro and Amateurs. This is such a great idea that I have to share it with you guys! Unfortunatley today is the last day to submit a video for this particular challenge but go on to their website and check out the rest of their challenges throughout the summer. Boath cable and boat, video and tricks, I’m so stoked for the people putting this on!

Oh and here are my 3 tricks 🙂

Gumball 3000 Miami!


Gumball IMG_7744 IMG_7766 IMG_7807

Today the flag drop which marks the start of this years Gumball 3000 and after an amazing night at the W hotel and the launch party, myself and Nicola had four hours of sleep before getting on our skateboards and heading to the Ocean drive. The cars had lined up the night before and were ready to head out so after a coffee and a croissant we went to watch our friends get in their cars and drive off. Next stop: Atlanta.

We almost got persuaded to jump in the car with the Betsafe crew and head on with all the crazy people and we went so far as to start packing our bags and thinking about buying flights but after a cold shower we got some sense kicked back in our heads and decided to get back to Orlando to train. Right now I am pretty happy with our choice as the 4 hours of sleep (and possibly some glasses of champagne) is making my head feel a little bit like a watermelon.

Now we’re getting ready to get back on the water tomorrow with great memories and newfound friends. Next year Betsafe, I want to be driving though 😉

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