After an amazing Orlando season myself and Nicola spent about a week cleaning out our room and dividing our possessions as they’ve all just merged into one after living together all summer. With a Prius packed with everything from board bags to high heels Nicola dropped me off at the airport. Next up: Austin, Texas.’

My prejudice about the state of burgers and cowboys turned out to be completely wrong. So far Texas has showed me some amazing spots and it’s packed with the nicest people! We’ve been mixing boat riding with awesome adventures. The first day we scootered (yes dad, I went on a scooter but I wore a helmet!) to Hamilton pool which a national reserve and definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in America.

In the beginning of the week we drove up to BSR Cable Park and spent 3 days riding there. It was definitely in the top 3 favorite cables I’ve ever been to with amazing people, great features and so much fun stuff to do around the cable! We got so say hi to the lemurs that live on the little island in the middle of the cable, JB made me go down the super slide that just opened and the natural hot spring hot tub was the best place to finish off a day of riding. I’ve learned so much from JB while being here, I can’t wait to show you some of the footage we’ve got 😉

Now we’re back in Austin and riding behind JB’s X-star for a few more days. I wish I could stay here longer but I’m excited to be going home too! I’ll try and keep you more updated on my last few america-days.

Carro 🙂