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Here are some more shots from our Betsafe Wake Camp last weekend, stolen from Eevi‘s blog and Froggy’s cameras. The whole reason I started wakeboarding was because I tried it at a  wake-camp so it’s great to now be giving other people the same experience. I hope everyone had an awesome time, I know I did!




So pumped on being back in a boat and back in Texas! Went for my first boat ride in 6 weeks and things did feel a little strange (having fins and riding my Maiden instead of Socialite) but super fun.

Had a pretty different experience on my flight this time around. Being cheap I booked a flight through new york with a 5 hour layover in New Ark Airport. While there I did pretty much everything one can do to pass time, including making conversation with strangers and watching every video there is on alliance.
Right before my flight was meant to board there was a message about a gate change so I packed up all my stuff and rushed to the new gate. As I am standing in line to board the aircraft I reach down in my bag to pick up my boarding card and my… PASSPORT!!! It’s pretty much the same feeling loosing your phone in the lake; realizing that your passport is not in your bag. After having time to think around a hundred thoughts within 30 seconds (thoughts like “How am I gonna go to Europeans in Amsterdam, where can I get a new passport, what if someone pretends to be me?”) I explained my very unfortunate situation to the air hostess. She told me “I’m sorry but you’re going to miss your flight if you leave now to try and find it. The best thing to do is contact the staff in Austin and maybe they can send you the passport if we find it”.
With a big lump in my belly I boarded the flight, even though I was quite sure that my passport was lying there, all alone and scared, waiting for me in the first gate where I’d rushed to get my stuff. Once on the flight and after all hope had left my chest the pilot announced that due to bad weather all flights had been postponed and that we would be grounded for at least an hour! Immediately I pressed the flight attendant button, once again explained my situation to a very friendly member of the cabin crew and was told “wait here, I’ll see what I can do”. After a few anxious minutes I heard the pilot call “Cabin crew, crosscheck and ” whatever it is they say and I was told that I could go look for my passport! I was out of my seat before they could change their minds and did my version of Tas the Tasmanian devil as I ran through the airport. Once I got back to the first gate and looked under the chair I was sitting, I could’ve hugged the mom with the infant screeming its heart out right next to me! MY PASSPORT was still right there on the ground. I got back to the flight with a big smile on my face, a smile that didn’t go away even though our flight ended up being 3 hours delayed.

“I’m sorry” I leaned over to the guy next to me in my seat “I think it’s my fault our flight is delayed, somewhere somehow I guess I must have some good Karma stacked up”.



Busy days coaching the winners of the Betsafe Wakecamp! No-one had ever tried wakeboarding before and I’m pretty sure they were all feeling quite nervous but everyone progressed so far! Pumped on seeing these guys and girls all get up on their first ride and by the end of the day they were charging at the wake, jumping and killing it! Thanks Betsafe for the chance to bring more people into the sport and for all the support during this weekend. Today seems to be a bit rainier that our beautiful summer day yesterday but everyone is still keen to get in their wetsuits and out on the water! Let’s do this!




Thanks so much Breddas for another epic event. After spending two weeks at the Breddas parks I am now back at home! The time there got a great end when I managed to take the top spot at their event, Battle of the Backyard. It was great to see Breddas sister Judith killing it and stomping a HUGE backmobe in the finals and big congrats to Mattias Hoppe for winning the Pro Men’s event.

The past two weeks has been some of the most challenging ones in my entire career. I’ve been working on breaking mental blocks like never before and there has been a whole lot of bruises, hard crashes and tears involved. I’m both proud and disappointed in how this trip turned out since I didn’t reach all of the goals I had set up for myself but I accomplished a hell of a lot. Thanks to JB O’Neill I pushed myself more than ever and he was also there to swoop up my negative thoughts and turn them around. I honestly don’t know how he was able to handle me this past week with all the “I can’ts” that I’ve heard myself say. I don’t know anyone who can motivate me like he can so I’m truly lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend!

Anyways, two weeks of sleeping in a tent, waking up at 7am, trampolining and riding has come to an end. Now I’m back in Stockholm for a week before heading to Texas on the 21st of July! Excited to be home and to hit up The Cable Park, Stockholm Arlanda to just ride and have fun!!

Talk soon 🙂