carrro (5 of 5) carrro (4 of 5)
Photo by Nicola Butler,  wearing Aimn 

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such talented people. Today I took some photos with my friend Nicola and every time she’s behind the lens I know they are going to come out amazing! I can’t believe I’ve been here in the Philippines for over two months already! Time really does fly when you’re having fun. I’ve started filming with JB for a new project so now I’m extra keen to ride and learn new things. Hopefully I can show you pretty soon 🙂


If you haven’t seen it already, check out this Behind the Scenes video from our Lifeproof project. Great job Pontus, you killed it!! The only thing I’m missing is when you guys drove off the road in the ditch or my giant survival suit I got to cuddle up in after the rides 🙂


IMG_3110 IMG_3058



Life is pretty simple here in the Philippines:

6am Wake Up Coffee and breakfast -usually Chia pudding or cereal
7am Morning Yoga
7.30 Emails
8.30 Morning session on the cable
11.00 Second breakfast/lunch -Banana Pancakes or Omelette
12.30 Study – I’m currently taking Athlete psychology online.
14.00 Afternoon session
15.30 Snacking – usually fruit and a protein shake or some stir fried vegetables
17.00 Working out (running/bodyweight training) or just hanging out by the cable with my friends
19.00 Dinner – A lot of the time at my favorite restaurant “Green Earth”
21.00 Emails/looking through footage/playing cards with friends/ watching movies
22.30 BED

Repeat. It seems to be a successful recipe since I’ve never before felt my riding progress this much. Now there are so many inspiring people at the cable too, like my friends Anna Nikstad and Maxine Sapulette, that help me want to push my riding. I can’t wait to see what will come from female wakeboarders this year!


Lifeproof-78 Lifeproof_-23 Lifeproof_-1-2 Lifeproof_-1-3 Lifeproof-5 LifeProof 4 LifeProof 6


Lifeproof_-26-2 Lifeproof_-10-2 Lifeproof-30


I have so many amazing pictures from our adventure in Åre for the Defying Elements project. Also, people say a picture says more than a thousand words so I thought I’d let them speak for themselves. I will say that it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!