Excited to announce my new partnership with Slingshot! Check out this little video by JB O’Neill, can’t wait for more to come!


Photo: Arlingtone Lane  Photography

Been having a few lazy days where I’ve been trying to catch up on my online studies in athlete psychology. It’s really interesting and I find myself thinking about it quite often when I’m doing other things. I’m finding the studies quite hard though as there are almost no facts in this area, only theories but it’s keeping me occupied while I’m resting my body from riding a lot. Yesterday Nicola went back to the US, I’m really disappointed that the World Cup in Australia isn’t happening this year. I’d love an excuse to go there! This photo was taken last year as we visited our friend Hayley Smith on the Gold Coast before the competition. Hopefully next year I’ll get to head back down under again. Also I can’t believe how quickly time has passed here an that Nicola already has spent her 6 weeks at CWC. I only have less than a month left and I’m actually really looking forwards to going home to Sweden, even though being here has been amazing.