Wow, so honored by all the kind words on the Swedish News last night! I’m always a bit nervous filming for interview as you, as and athlete, never have any idea of the angle the reporter/editor is going to take. This 3 minute piece took us about 2 hours to film so obviously there’s always a lot of talking cut out!

Anyways, I was filled with this huge warmth when I watched it on the news yesterday with my mom. Thank you so much Swedish media for this amazing piece! If you missed it on channel 2 last night, you can watch it here: LINK 


besafe wake camp 2

Sommarkurser 7-10 Juli!
I år kommer jag tillsammans med Froggy Vattensport att arrangera fyra stycken kurs-dagar utanför Linköping! Vill du lära dig grunderna, utveckla din åkning eller kanske börja satsa på nya volter och spins så är det alltid lättaste med coaching. Alla nivåer/åldrar är välkomna, gå en eller flera dagar och få massor med tips att träna på själv under resten av sommaren! 🙂

Mer info här: LÄNK

Excited to be running a wake clinic together with Froggy in Linköping, Sweden! Check out the link here: LINK


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One of my favorite things about Texas is all the amazing nature! When you’re from Sweden and you think of Texas you think about: Horses, Cowboyboots, Guns and tumble weed. When I went there the first time I was so surprised about all the amazing watering holes around austin such as the Hamilton Pool, Jacobs Well and Barton springs to mention a few. JB and I have been visiting a bunch of different nature preserves after a stop at Wholefoods to fill our backpacks up with sandwiches and snacks. I even got him to skinny-dip at one location with me! Us europeans… 😉

Anyways, feeling like discovering some Swedish Hiking spots so I need your help! I live in Stockholm so preferably around that area would be great! All tips are welcome, GO!

(please let me know in the comment field, and yes you may write in Swedish)