Bonjorno! (Brad Pitt accent in inglorious basterds).

This last week I’ve been in… ITALY!! Together with the Slingshot crew we’ve shot some product videos for the 2018 line and wow am I excited for you to see it! The water here at CableWakepark7 is naturally this blue due to the limestone around the lake and this together with Italian coffee, pizza and pasta has made this trip my favorite team trip yet. It was so good to hang out with the rest of the guys, wake up at 6 am every morning to shoot and dancing barefoot in the sand at the local cable beach party. We also got to spend a day in Venice which was exactly how I’d imagined it. Im so grateful to be back traveling and wakeboarding again! Tomorrow I head to Poland for my first competition back, the World Games! I’ll try and update the blog a bit more once I’m there! Until then, Ciao!