Got to try the artificial surf wave at Langenfeld yesterday! Such a crazy feeling,  not like surfing, not like flo riding but somewhere in between. They said I picked it up fairly quickly and I couldnt wipe the smile off my face. Thanks Laura for the pictures!!

Pre season @ Sunset Wake Park

Never felt this strong going into a season! Check out a few days at Sunset Wake Park in Brazil. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!


Gopro from Sunset Wake park

Playing with my Gopro Hero 7 at sunset wake park with my friend Lisa. She btw just signed a big new sponsor! I told you to keep an eye on her! Anyway, I’m back home now for a couple of days before heading to the US, can’t wait!!


I just got home from 3 weeks of pre season in Brazil where I spent the first days back on the water in 2019. Having worked hard through the winter in the gym my body felt strong and being lucky enough ot meet Bruno when I rode the WWA worlds in mexico last year I got taken care of by some of the best people around. Thanks to Naga Wakepark we stayed in a sweet hotel 5 minutes from the park, Leticia took us on a weekend trip to Rio de Janeiro and later we road tripped the 10 hours to Sunset Wake Park meeting amazing people on the way taking us into their homes. THANK YOU so much everyone for making an unforgettable trip. Check out these Vlogs I made to know more!



Happy to introduce the new 2019 Slingshot Contrast, now in 3 sizes 134, 138 and 142! I couldn’t be happier with how this board turned out and hope you’ll like it too! Read more here: LINK


This weekend the Swedish national championships took place in Fagersta! I was so thrilled to claim the gold medal in both Cable and Boat! Thanks everyone for a great weekend, especially the organizers at Fagersta cable park, the judges and of course all the competitors! Now I’m enjoying my last day in Stockholm before heading back to the US tomorrow!

Red Bull Wake2el @ Wake Way

Seriously my favorite even so far!! Thank you everyone at Wake Way who made it so epic and congrats my buddy Maryh for taking the top spot! I was stoked with my riding and proud to get the bronze medal! I’ll let the pictures by Dranginis Vytautas speak for themselves!

AF Wake



I didn’t ride as well as I would’ve liked in the WWA Wake Open in Cancun but honestly, if I had I would’ve been surprised. These past few weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time in class trying to get ready for Finals and in about 3 weeks I will finally be done! I miss spending more time on the water and I’m looking forwards to a summer full of wakeboarding progression! When I didn’t make finals in the boat contest, I decided to hit up the cable-park right next door to get my frustration out. After two hours and bleeding hands I felt much better and Fede, the Wake Photographer, Snapped these pictures of me! 🙂


Some behind the scenes photo’s by Sam Strauss from our commercial shoot outside of Paris. This project was one of the most unique projects I’ve taken part in. The water and the air were close to the freezing point and my experience with street riding is pretty nonexistent. Luckily I had a great team of more experienced street-riders to help me out, Antoin Allaux and Yann and Kevin Calvez were so good to be around and the final video turned out great!



I am back!! Sweden is cold and snowy and I absolutely love it! I decided to drop this weeks Vlog a bit early since it contains some useful tips to what to get for Christmas as I meet up with my friend Sara, who’s also the co-founder of Unite2Learn. The Vlog does have ENGLISH SUBTITLES, you just have to activate them in the bottom right corner. This Vlog is a bit different but it’s oh so important, let me know what you think and if you wanna read more about Unite2Learn head to


I feel like lately all I post here on the Blog are my Vlogs haha. Hopefully you don’t mind!  Here’s my latest video with my friend Lisa from Russia. We didn’t know each other too well before this trip but after spending almost every waking hour with her the past two weeks, I’m so hooked on her! Go follow her on instagram as @LisaBaloo and keep your eyes peeled in the future! Much more to come from this insane rider! 🙂


YESSSS – had such a good contest and ended up with a Bronze medal in the final stop of the WPWS! So good to finish this season with another medal and to have a healthy knee! Check out the story of our weekend and let me know what you think about these Vlogs. 🙂


We made it to Korat!! Just checked into this epic hotel and about to head to the park to ride before the contest! It starts this weekend so wish us luck!



It’s wednesday and time for my second Vlog. I’m not too big a fan of air tricks but I had fun making this one. It’s pretty dorky but what the heck, this one’s on me 😉