Happy to introduce the new 2019 Slingshot Contrast, now in 3 sizes 134, 138 and 142! I couldn’t be happier with how this board turned out and hope you’ll like it too! Read more here: LINK


This weekend the Swedish national championships took place in Fagersta! I was so thrilled to claim the gold medal in both Cable and Boat! Thanks everyone for a great weekend, especially the organizers at Fagersta cable park, the judges and of course all the competitors! Now I’m enjoying my last day in Stockholm before heading back to the US tomorrow!

Red Bull Wake2el @ Wake Way

Seriously my favorite even so far!! Thank you everyone at Wake Way who made it so epic and congrats my buddy Maryh for taking the top spot! I was stoked with my riding and proud to get the bronze medal! I’ll let the pictures by Dranginis Vytautas speak for themselves!

AF Wake



I didn’t ride as well as I would’ve liked in the WWA Wake Open in Cancun but honestly, if I had I would’ve been surprised. These past few weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time in class trying to get ready for Finals and in about 3 weeks I will finally be done! I miss spending more time on the water and I’m looking forwards to a summer full of wakeboarding progression! When I didn’t make finals in the boat contest, I decided to hit up the cable-park right next door to get my frustration out. After two hours and bleeding hands I felt much better and Fede, the Wake Photographer, Snapped these pictures of me! 🙂


Some behind the scenes photo’s by Sam Strauss from our commercial shoot outside of Paris. This project was one of the most unique projects I’ve taken part in. The water and the air were close to the freezing point and my experience with street riding is pretty nonexistent. Luckily I had a great team of more experienced street-riders to help me out, Antoin Allaux and Yann and Kevin Calvez were so good to be around and the final video turned out great!



I am back!! Sweden is cold and snowy and I absolutely love it! I decided to drop this weeks Vlog a bit early since it contains some useful tips to what to get for Christmas as I meet up with my friend Sara, who’s also the co-founder of Unite2Learn. The Vlog does have ENGLISH SUBTITLES, you just have to activate them in the bottom right corner. This Vlog is a bit different but it’s oh so important, let me know what you think and if you wanna read more about Unite2Learn head to www.unite2learn.org.


I feel like lately all I post here on the Blog are my Vlogs haha. Hopefully you don’t mind!  Here’s my latest video with my friend Lisa from Russia. We didn’t know each other too well before this trip but after spending almost every waking hour with her the past two weeks, I’m so hooked on her! Go follow her on instagram as @LisaBaloo and keep your eyes peeled in the future! Much more to come from this insane rider! 🙂


YESSSS – had such a good contest and ended up with a Bronze medal in the final stop of the WPWS! So good to finish this season with another medal and to have a healthy knee! Check out the story of our weekend and let me know what you think about these Vlogs. 🙂


We made it to Korat!! Just checked into this epic hotel and about to head to the park to ride before the contest! It starts this weekend so wish us luck!



It’s wednesday and time for my second Vlog. I’m not too big a fan of air tricks but I had fun making this one. It’s pretty dorky but what the heck, this one’s on me 😉


Here it is!! My first VLOG! I am both nervous and excited to share it with you! In my head I’m thinking “Will anyone really wanna watch me talk about stuff?” But I thought, what the heck I have nothing to loose. With the encouragement from the Swedish Youtube Office, it’s now here. Please let me know if you like it, and if you wanna be the first to know when the next one drops click subscribe towards the end of the video (or on youtube directly). Thanks for watching! 🙂


Just got these photo’s sent my way by my Slingshot Team manager Jeff Mckee. This team trip to Wakepark Cable 7, right next to the famous streets of Venice in Italy was one of my favorite ever!  Running around with a giant tourist map, enjoying the (expensive) Italian Gelato and causing the channels on a wooden boat was just like out of a postcard. At the same time we got some filming done at the cable and got to meet the European distributors (and drink endless amounts of coffee). I cannot wait to go back next year!


“Pretend that you are 80 years old, and you know, one of those 80-year-olds who are lucky to be in good health. Imagine that you are sitting in a comfortable armchair with a grandchild or two on your lap. One of those grandchildren ask you ‘Grandma, why did you wakeboard? Like really, why did you do it?’. What would you respond? Why do you do it?”

I got this assignment from a very wise sports psychologist when I was going through my injury right before I was allowed back on my board after 14 months off the water. He told me to write it down, everything I could think of, from the immense feeling of pride after winning a contest to the friends I’ve met along the way and to the simple joy of carving through glassy water. I went home and made my list (which i quite long and personal) and one week later we went through it together.

There were two main points that he suggested I write down on a piece of paper and put up on my wall at home:

  1. The feeling of warm water spraying against my legs.
  2. The feeling in my belly after I land a new- or old trick perfect.

These are the two most important internal goals and reasons to why I wakeboard. They are so simple and they don’t require anyone else or give me any kind or performance anxiety. When I started wakeboarding again after my injury I had times where I got frustrated that I wasn’t on the same level as right before my accident. “I might as well quit because nobody think I’m gonna make a comeback anyway” were some of the thoughts on my darkest days. Sometimes I felt like people counted me out and their doubt  was shining through their eyes. I’d like to say that I was one of those people who’s determination never wavered during my recovery process, and I kinda was… for the first eight months. After it became clear that I needed a third surgery, my motivation acted like a yoyo and some days I felt like Pippi Longstocking while others I woke up as Eeyore the donkey. I think it was during this time I learned the most about myself as I adapted the motto “If your heart becomes tired, walk with your legs, but keep going”. I tried not to think about how I was going to get kicked off the national team or how people thought I was done and gone from the scene. I just kept going to the gym over and over and over again and when I got back on my board I thought back to the reasons why I’m even in this sport. It isn’t because of what other people think of me, not (mainly) about winning medals or traveling the world. Those two simple reasons in my notebook are my main reasons and those are the two reasons I focused on. By doing so I felt joy every time I went out on the water and I kept chasing that feeling of landing new tricks or perfecting old ones. By focusing on my own goals, everything else kinda started falling into place and now we’re here; at the end of my first season back. I am riding on the same level as I was before my injury, a few weeks ago I won my first contest since my surgery and thanks to Slingshot Wakeboards, I just released my very first pro model wakeboard!

I wanted to share this drill with you as I believe it changed the way I look at things. Why do YOU do what it is you do? What will you tell those grandchildren? And is your focus on what others think of you, money or fame? Can you change it to where you’re focusing on only those most important bits, the ones that make it truly worth it. The ones that make you, you.

Slingshot 2018 Cable

Soon excited on the 2018 gear and to finally show you the first few images of my brand new Pro Model: The Contrast! It’s based off Dylan Millers, Solo and seriously is the best board I’ve ever had. It was love at first sight whenever I put it under my feet and after presenting my ideas to the amazing artist Zach Johnssen the graphics came out so good! I can’t wait for all of you to get a chance to try it our and let me know what you think. In my opinion its the best looking board in the whole line, what do you think? 🙂