I’m getting pretty good at these pose pictures.. (Think that’s a bad thing?) haha anyways, had an off day today where I felt kind of low and missed home. Will try to blame it on hormones, lack of nutritions or something else but who knows. Anyways, things got a lot better after a sunset ride with Bob! Thanks a million dude!

Oh yeah, today I got totally eaten up by a dog while tanning on the beach.. It came out of nowhere and were SO happy to see me that it jumped and started licking my face. Trying to protect myself from claws, sand and drool I got tangled up in it’s leach. I lost my bikini top in the process and the owner (an old man) did nothing to help me besides saying “No, bad dog” in a not too enthusiastic voice.

Merry christmas to me…

Thank you Froggy and Gatorboards for sending me this little beauty to try out (: I also backed up a boat trailer (with a boat on) for the first time ever! (yey me and awesome coaching on doing it by Brandon).

(I got some weird reflections on the boards since it so shiiiny)

Time to lye out in the sun and wait for the campers to finish riding and then hit it up! I’ve been trying some stuff on the trampoline today which I’m stoked on taking out to the water!!

Some Gopro today…

Riding today was crazy! Flat water, sunny, hot boat driver, what more can you ask? So I decided to show you guys some of the shooting I did.. Let’s just say it didn’t hurt…

Saturday update

So, this saturday right: Got off work at like 1 and went to Katies house to chill in the sun and drive around in her golf truck. Then we went to OWC to watch the step down contest just to get there and see that they are still building the set up. So, instead of waiting we decided to go on a food hunt so, me and Trudi went to the mall (where we ended up spending like 2 hours). So we went to Mochies to get frozen yoghurt (such great wakeboarding food). 


Went for a run again and super stoked to see that I run 3 WHOLE MINUTES faster on the track I started with when i first got here! Sweet! Then I also just wanted to add that anyone who might want anything from VS (hint, someone who’s about to get married) should send me some sizes… (:

Cool pic from Swedish nationals 2009 by Johanna Ågren (:

The wind is terrible today so the whole lake is white capping but maybe some brave coaches would like to ride anyways… I hope so! Guess I should start kiteboarding as well so that I would always have something to do no matter how windy it is. Ah well, maybe this summer!

Fun day…

Just came home after some shedd at the cable. Finally I feel like I’m getting back into it! I had so much fun but I didn’t wear a wetsuit so after spendning a couple of hours trying new tricks I showered for like 2 hours trying to get warm. After all the riding we went to Florida mall and Victorias Secret before going home and eating some pizza and now: SLEEP.

If you don’t own a waterproof jacket…

Just thought that Brandon’s outfit of the day should get some space in here to.

So just finishing up with some lunch before we head out to OWC (Orlando watersport complex) to play! Too bad Nudie Trudie hurt her knee again, it would’ve been fun to ride with her but see you soon anyways buddy!


In my bed, listening to the rain outside which is super cozy but does not match my desire to ride! Today is cable day so hopefully the rain stops around lunch before we go out there.

Yesterday I went out in the boat while Kyle was coaching with some campers who progressed like crazy. It’s sweet to have some more europeans in tha houseea!

Back on shore I made dinner, ate like 5 chocolate chip cookies, watched pulp fiction (yes! I’ve finally seen it) and went straight to bed. I’m stoked on riding, the rain will just keep the obstacles wet and I’ve got my O’Neill Halo to keep me warm so yeeah cable day! (:

Some shots from yesterday



Good morning! It’s 9 o’clock and the temperature is already 20 celsius! Oh look! Cassie made breakfast just for me… (and not the 8 campers that just arrived) 😉 Today should be awesome!

Swedish word(s) of the day

So I thought that I should try to teach these guys some swedish while I’m over here. (:


My knee has started to hurt! Ohh noo! But by my calculations I’ll be back on the water tomorrow again. It can’t possibly take any longer than that for a knee to heal, right Trudi? So, I spend this day lying on the beach reeding the Alchemist and focusing on heeling. 


After a looong winter in Sweden I’m finally back on my board again and it feels great! Although I was so sore that I couldn’t move the first week, things are starting to fall into place again. I love being back on the water and I’ve missed the sunlight like crazy!