Back home


chillin in bed with my favorite boy.. Thanks everyone one for a sick week, hopefully I’ll be back soon!

OK, I’ll fill you in

The last couple of days I’ve been having way too much fun to have time to blog. I randomly ran into my friend Patrick who I usually wakeboard with on the westcoast. He let me and Hanna move in to his place, which he is sharing with 5 other people so we’ve been professional couch-surfers lately. I’ve been snowboarding and raging with him and his friend Sebastian for the last couple of days. The rain switched over to snow and sun so we’ve had a sick couple of days playing around in the park. Been hitting some boxes, trying not to die off the kickers and shredding powder in between the trees. We had especially one run, when they decided the wind wasnt too strong so that they opened the top of the mountains. We were some of the first up there, it had been closed for weeks, so the whole mountain was just full of powder and untouched snow. The After Ski’s turned into wild club nights and baaad hangovers which turned into crazy pranks in the slopes. I’ve been having so much fun with these dudes even though the’ve been throwing me into the snow, dragging me down the slope on my stomach by holding my board and frikking poured beer all over me at the clubs. I was really thankful for my O’Neill one-piece since it saved me from several tons of snow in my jacket!

Leaving to go back home tomorrow but I really wanna stay and snowboard, even though its going to be fun seeing my family again. Why cant you have time to both wakeboard, snowboard and surf every day? That would be so sick!



Åre is wet! It’s been pouring down today and the wind is so strong that the top of the ‘mountain’ is closed. Still we went out and its so much fun being back on a Snowboard again!! Well the first thing I had to do, after an hour of riding, was to hit a kicker and catch a toe edge. It didn’t hurt at all except for in my stomach just a tiny bit but it made me nervous. I figured that I have a whole week here so I went back to chill today and sort out some e-mails. Its not even been 3 weeks since my surgery and I really don’t wanna risk going to Spain next week. Kick it for a bit and then out in the rain again! Funnn!!


To Åre!


going snowboaring with my friend Martin. We have an 8 hour drive ahead of us, gumball style! 😉 image


On my way to a morning meeting with the guys at betsafe. I love Stockholm days like these!