Spontaneous trip to BSR



“Hey wanna go to BSR tonight?” “Okay”

Thats how our 2 hour long drive to BSR Cable Park started. I’d already talked to my friends from the Swedish Wakeboarding High School (Wakeboard Gymnasiet i Fagersta) who are spending 4 weeks of their pre-season training here in Texas and they we’re stoked to invite us to hang out with them!

It almost feels like too much of a flashback to five years ago when I was in this school and I’m so excited that there is such an opportunity in Sweden. We’ve been riding cable, having big breakfasts and laughing at all the little games the students are playing all the time! It’s so fun to be able to ride both boat and cable this close to each other do I even have to mention that I’m in love with Texas? 🙂

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