Aimn Sportswear

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Many of you have wondered where my yoga-pants (aka Wakepants 😉 ) are from. Recently I got in contact with the Swedish Company Aim’n Sportswear who are now offering all of you 20% off any leggings by using the code CarroLovesAimn on their website! I’m absolutely in love with their prints and I’m so stoked to be able to share this discount with you! The code will be valid until the 22nd of Febuary and they ship worldwide!!

Happy shopping 🙂 xx



G0028828 G0028883 G0028838 G0028914The water here is so blue so I had to cruise around with my Gopro a bit and the shots turned out so cool!

What a crazy start to the year! Thailand for a month and now Philippines. Contracts with sponsors to get sorted out, competition plans to be made, travels to purchase and new goal so pursue.

With plans of redoing my website, my blogging has taken a step back  but with the internet here in Asia being slower than a snail racing through peanut-butter it’s taken longer than expected. So, here’s a quick update for you while we continue to work on the new one!

I’ve traveled with Nicola to the small village of Naga in the Philippines after spending four weeks at Anthem Wake Park in Phuket, Thailand. We loved staying there with such  great atmosphere, cozy little restaurants and white beaches. Check out the travel guide Nicola wrote for The Outsiders Online about our trip.

Being here at CWC has been incredible. With so many opportunities to learn and so many inspiring people I can’t think of a better place to be right now! We’ve both progressed so much and the more cable I ride the more I love it!  I think this year I will be trying to enter as many cable events as I can along with the boat ones.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a season to start!!