As most of you probably know, I’ve been working my way back from a sprained ankle for the past eight weeks.  It has meant countless hours at the gym, ice packs and healthy eating plus having to take about six weeks off wakeboarding! I was so thrilled to finally get back on my board about a week ago and now I’ve been in intense training mode to get ready for Mexico next week. Usually my days look like this:

8 am – Wake up, get dressed and go for a bike ride around the neighborhood
8.30 am – Quick yoga/stretch to wake up my muscles and get rid of some of the soreness from the day before
9 am – Breakfast (Usually yoghurt with granola and chia seeds and coffee)
9.30 am – Emails (Can’t wait to tell you about some exciting projects I’ve been working on!)
11 am – Taking the boat out with Oscar and JB for as much riding as we can handle
3 pm – Lunch (by this time I’m usually starving but sometimes I throw in some protein shakes or trail mix on the boat) usually salads with quinoa, chick peas, celery, cucumber, hummus, rice crackers, goat cheese and a ton of water.
4 pm – Either heading out to the cable at Next Level Ride or hitting the gym for ankle rehab
7 pm – Dinner, sometimes veggie burgers at the cable or something home-made in front of a movie.
10 pm – Bedtime


I’ve been trying to eat as healthy as I can, get a lot of sleep and work hard during the days and I feel like it has been paying off. Every time I ride I feel a huge improvement from the last time and I wake up full of energy (even though my muscles are aching from not wakeboarding for a while!). On Sunday Oscar and I leave for Cancun to represent team Sweden in the IWWF Worlds so we have a couple more days to ride before new adventures! Excited! 🙂


So I thought I’d write a post about women who fascinate me. In today’s society it’s so easy to follow people’s lives on social media so here are some of my favorite instagramers to stalk:

Lindsey Vonn

la-sp-sn-lindsey-vonn-knee-injury-20131221-00167 World Cup wins speak for themselves. Throw in an amazing comeback after a blown out knee and a drive that never seems to end and you have Lindsey Vonn. If you haven’t seen her documentary “The Climb” you should definitely look it up, I’ve watched it three times already and it’s definitely showing that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

Coco Ho 

abaa2334731a2047cda4338646006e9a-6f64ce4247a744aa259ac0d0d8094d6cThere’s something about female surfers that inspire me so much. Maybe it’s because surfing is another passion of mine (even if I never will be even close to the level of the female pro’s) and because they live a life similar to mine with travels, contests, best friends with your toughest competition and a healthy lifestyle. Coco Ho is one of my favorite surfers to watch as she rips along with sharing some awesome and personal moments on her instagram. I’m simply amazed by the life she seems to be living and I’m guessing none of you missed her amazing feature last year in the ESPN Body issue?

Ronda Rousey

89b63c739e1c14227e0f6a7067005067_r900x493I’m not quite sure why but I’ve been obsessing a bit about Rhonda Rousey lately. Being in a sport so different from mine and with the most competitive mentality I’ve seen I don’t identify with her at all but there’s something oh so interesting about her drive. I guess drive is the keyword in what makes her so inspiring because she seems to be incredibly focused on beating the crap out of her next competitor every time. Her cocky attitude blows me away and I can’t other but inspire how openly she expresses her feelings, even though sometimes it might end up a scandalous headline.


Jamie Anderson


Jamie Anderson is living a life that I miss sometimes living the endless summer. THE. SNOW. I love snowboarding and growing up in Sweden my dad always took us on snow-trips around Europe. Getting a glimpse of Jamie’s life makes me long for the snow and her creativity with Gopro pictures inspire me to try and copy her when I’m wakeboarding. (She also seems to be having a blast skinny-dipping in lake Tahoe and simply enjoying life)


Who inspires you? Comment below!