Good morning sunshine!

Just woke up in Trudi’s trailer from Trudi saying ”Okay, see you on 30 mins on the dock?”

Stretching and just cracked a Red Bull to wake up and then going riding. Love mornings like these! It get’s a lot easier when you’re sleeping about 40 meters from the cable… (:

Anyways, we’re working on new air-tricks today and cheating it by using an ”Indian-rope” which is a rope that’s shorter than they usually aret o help you pop up in the air.

Morning view

Tha Trailer

Some memories from the States in this thing… (:

Norsjö Cable Park

Drove the 2 hours from Sande to here yesterday after having breakfast with Trudi’s parents. They were so nice and I’m so thankful I got to stay there! I’m still so excited everytime i get to drive MY OWN car so the drive didn’t feel too bad. I kicked some G music and tried to stay on the Norweigian roads (they like the S-shape over here).

The weather was so nice and the cable rocks! We waited until after closing time to ride since Trudi had to work and the water just got glass! Feels so good going to sleep now after a nice set (I love the A-frame they’ve got) and a nice veggie BBQ with my favorite Norweigian person!


Pictures say more than words

Yesterday we went cliff-jumping and rode behind a really old boat. I had a great time and Norweigan people are crazy!

I Jumped with my GoPro filming myself to see if the Superkini would stay on a jump this high. Buut it was a bit too much even for it… (:

Screen shots