Coaching flips!


Out with the Irish crew working on hanging upside down. As they say ‘I teach them how to wakeboard and they teach me how to drink’. 😉



I picked Frenchy up from the train station on Saturday and he’s been shreddin with us for the weekend. Awesome riding with him again!

Cold morning set


Riding before breakfast with DC. Cold and windy and my knee hurts a bit from trying Whirly  Wednesday yesterday. Think I’ll take it pretty easy and do lots of knee workout with my rubber band today. But hey, I’m in Spain and making pro wakeboarders listen to Justin Bieber!!


I woke up this morning and realized that I now dream in english. Just something my mom always said that gets me thinking. She says that it’s the language you dream in that is your “first” language but nahh, I’m still Swedish! Been having the weirdest dreams here though about everything from Zombies to missed flights and hot guys. Woke up this morning at 9, had breakfast and now time to go and fill up the boats while day-dreaming about surfing…  😉

I’m on a boat!

Haha, I. am. so. sunburnt. My face feels like the boat engine yesterday when I forgot to check the cooling filter. Had a good set today trying roll to blinds and getting really fried in the sun. It’s pretty easy going here no off for a shower and then dinner with the boys and run our new routine of a couple of episodes of Entourage before bed. WHY have no-one ever told me about this series??

 Lovely Nautique 210…
Loving life! Even though (as they keep pointing out here) I’m apparently an old lady now..


So nice and sunny today! First time it’s been warm enough to wear only a bikini in the boat so I’m loving it. Today I took two girls out for their first ever time on wakeboards. How stoked was I when both of them got up after just a few goes! Blasting Katy Perry in the speakers and having an all girls boat was a long time ago for me. Loving it (: Here are some pics from this morning.

imageSnowie getting ready for his set

imageMy Sweet Geisha has her own spot amongst the other kids

imageOne of the boats, Nautique 220 with Irish Coach David in it