Things on my mind


How much is too much coffee?

Ankle Rehab

Competitions this summer, the E&A’s  Championships are apparently in Poland at the same time as Chill N ride in Germany.. :/

Plans for this winter, so many places I’d like to go

How to get other chick riders our here to ride with me! Come on Loes and Robbie, I miss you guys!

Photos and Filming for upcoming projects, exciting!

Reaching one of my goals yesterday, just a small one but for me, it felt massive!

How long my hair is getting

My family, I miss you guys so much… Especially my nephew Lion who I haven’t even had time to see more than a few hours

Flight tickets, I need to buy them

Mexico, I wanna go there

Gumball – that sh*t cray!

That’s pretty much it for now (: xxxx

Xtreme Gene

Freezing day!

Today my whole world was set upside down. For the year I’ve been living here I’ve always imagined the ocean being a certain direction. Today apparently the wind is blowing from the north making everything super cold and meaning that the ocean is the other way!! Don’t know how to recover from this…