Xtreme Gene

Here are some photos from when we went out riding today in the freezing weather! It’s only 15 degrees! I’m so happy I’ve got my full suit and we had a blast anyways. Afterwords Andres destroyed my ankle since (him being a physio) he tells me I’ve got fibrosis and that we need to get rid of the build ups for my ankle to work as usual. Got most of my tricks back though and I was so happy being back on the water after 5 days of sitting inside looking at the rain and wind. The temperature is about to go up on thursday, I can’t wait!

Oh, and I’ve also forgot to tell you about my new binding! I guess I’m giving you a sneak peak of the Double Up 2014 range where we’ve completely redesigned the boots for an even better fit for chicks feet. I’m having so much fun on my set-up and loving the colors!! What do you think?

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