You know when you’ve had a rough day. You legs are tired, your head is mush and are so hungry you feel like you’re about to implode at any second? All you can think of is that you don’t think there’s anything in the fridge and you really don’t have the energy to cook anywas. But you get home and your mom/boyfriend/brother has made you dinner. Do you know that extreme feeling of happiness and coming home? That’s exactly what I felt after my 22 hours on 3 different airplanes. Not really the food part but the gratitude of coming to this amazing villa with some great Swedish people. The first thing we did after a couple of hours of sleep was to jump on our mopeds and head for the surf. I had so much fun at a beginner break and today I am so sore I can barely move. The internet connection here is like the rest of the ambiance: chilled out, so I won’t be checking in too much during my time here. I am too busy enjoying the bali life of surf, yoga, sunbathing, after surf partying and mango-eating anyways, and it’s only been two days!!

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