Battle of the Backyard

carro fs noseblunt carro glad carro nosepress carro tailpoke

This years BOBY is over and as always it was such an amazing event. The weather made Sweden look like Dubai and with riders from all over the world, the event was a given success. I arrived in Uddevalla on wednesday and the first thing I did was to hit the Breddas cable which is now a brand new little bro from Rixen. Being at theis cable always gets me so pumped to ride and try and push the limits, which is what Breddas are so famous for so I’d barely had time to hit a few kickers before I decided to go for a Double. Unfortunatley I landen straight on my face but with the encouragement from the brothers and my newfound friend JB O’Neill I tried a few more times during the weekend. It doesn’t feel impossible but after a lot of slamming I decided to let my body rest for a bit and try again when I’ve got fresh muscles, maybe at Anthem in Thailand? 🙂

The level of Swedish wakeboarding always blows my mind and there are SO MANY amazing riders coming out of this country. Maybe it’s the cold and riding in our full wetsuits in the rain that makes us so determined and dedicated to progress or maybe it’s just pure talent but I can’t wait to see what will come out of riders like William Klang, Judith Hoppe and Ruben Snabb. Remember those names, you’ll be happy you did!

I was so pumped on taking the win in the end after a close finals against Judith who killed it with both a toe 7 and a backmobe. It’s contests like these that makes me stoked on pursuing my cable riding so I hope to be attending a lot more events like these in the future.

Thanks a lot Breddas and everyone who helped organizing! You are the best!!


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