Busan, Korea

After a 35 hour trip (!!!) and a struggle to stay awake all day yesterday to fight the jet-lag we’ve now made it to Korea. Today we had our testruns on the glassy water with the biggest wake I’ve ridden in a long time. It was a m a z i n g!! Since I am the only rider from team Sweden here I got a lot of time on the water and even though I was struggling a bit, cause the shape is a lot different from what I’m used to, I still had the time of my life! I rode around the whole time with a big smile on my face and the Irish team has been kind enough to accept me in as one of their own so it was so much fun to watch them shredd. I’m so impressed with the young girls throwing down on a wake that size! When I was their age I would have struggled with it but they looked calmer than I felt! haha

Anyways today is the Team Captain meeting where I will receive the info I need about the comp. So far I know that my Quarter finals are on thursday and the level of riding is insane!  This works our really good for me since my lovely Double Up in sending me a new board that will arrive here tomorrow. Perfect! I can’t wait to ride a fresh board and against the hardest competition I’ve ever faced. Such a fun challenge no matter how I do, it’s fun how you can be so nervous and so not nervous at the same time.

I’ll try and blog better than I’ve been doing earlier but as my dad said: If I blog, there’s usually good news and if I don’t, well it probably didn’t go as planed 😉


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