Last day of training

Good morning! Today is our last day here in Thailand since we fly to Australia and Perht tomorrow for the World Cup!

After taking 3 days off the water to let my ankle recover I tried riding yesterday. With more tape on my ankle than there is boats on the river here it actually worked! I was soo relieved to stick most of my contest pass anyways so i’m going to enjoy riding today. Just about to get my morning yoga on, for some reason I keep waking  up really early and I’m loving it! I feel so much better when I’ve had time to wake my body up before heading out on the water.

Oh, by the way, I just found the program for this weekend and I’m stoked to be featured  as one of the “Athletes to watch”. you can read it here : LINK

Peace ♥

Sneaky Rail Jam

A few weeks ago, my friend Lawrence invited us all to this place in Australia where he had built a winch rail set-up! It was so much fun and even though we seemed to have been too busy hitting the thing instead of filming I threw this together for you.. Enjoy!

Anja Pärson, Vancouver

i’ve been letting my ankle rest now for two days, drooling my eyes out watching the others ride and it actually feels a bit better. I’ve decided to give it a shot and ride tomorrow, even if it’s just to film Charlotte for our upcoming Thai-edit. It’s so hard being here and not wakeboarding, specially since the others are killing it! Lucas stuck a new trick today like 3rd try and Sam’s shredding every set. I can def. feel like it’s contest training since everyone here is going to World Cup and the vibe is there.

At the moment, all I can do to prepare for the comp is to work on my professional tanning career so that’s what I’ve been doing. My sister also mentioned something about the Pro Swedish Skier, Anja Pärson, who 2010 in the Olympics in Vancouver had a gnarly crash. The next day Anja went out and rode home the Bronze to Sweden so today I’ve been stalking her for inspiration and wow, what an athlete she is!

Anja’s Crash

In Swedish, about the competition. Painkillers and stretching it is!

My body says STOP

Being here in Thailand is so much fun, riding every day and getting back into what I love. I’d almost forgotten about my ankle, sure I felt it every morning in my yoga that it was stiff and still pretty swollen but after that the tape came on, holdning it in place and jamming it down in my bindings it didn’t talk back much and when it did, I ignored it cause I was having so much fun. Yesterday it had enough. After riding pretty well behind the boat and getting most my tricks down for World Cup I had the best feeling in my gut so I decided to throw a trick I haven’t landed in a while. Edging in a knew that the crashes of this trick does hurt your ankle and that I probably shouldnt do it but I was sure I was going to stick it. Then my whole world turned upside down and I was screaming in pain. I pushed it one step too far and my ankle said stop. Being really worried about the World Cup I started the RICE procedure and instead of hanging out with the others down town I stayed at home with my ankle on a bunch of pillows with an ice pack. Today I went for my first examination of it and bless my lucky star it hasn’t swelled up too much!

I think this was my bodys way of reminding me that I’m still hurt and that I need to rest (since we’ve ridden for about 14 days straight here). Today I’m spening my day with my ice pack and the ipod in the boat, RESTING and letting my body heal. Sometimes you just can’t do everything you want, sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. No mather how much fun you are having…


Just recieved my invitation to Europes biggest wakeboarding festival, Wakestock again! So excited to go back and ride in the rain when I heard Rudimental will be playing!! Check the line-up here:


Yesterday we left amazing Anthem and it’s people behind to continue or trip to Bangkok and some boat training before the World Cup next week-end. After a lot of sad goodbyes (feeling a little bit better after an Ice cream date) we boarded our flight. Thank you so much Anthem Crew, it’s been the best two weeks staying with you!

Today was our first boat sesh and it’s always pretty hard to go from cable to boat since the pull from the rope is so different. I’d say we did alright though and I’m loving getting back on my Geisha board and playing behind the sick 230 wake out here. We met up with previous European Champion Sam Carne and my favorite Frenchy Lucas Langlois who both are staying here to train for the World Cup as well. They are such a good crew to ride with so I feel like the next week is going to be epic!

Missing our beach, food and friends from Phuket though! Can’t wait to come back! (: Random photos by Rebecca, Emil and Hanna from all over the place:

Krabi with Lior,Josh, Chen, Yok and Charlotte

Went touristing in Krabi yesterday. Yok though our mucles deserved a break from all the riding so he took us to the most amazing natural pools that were so clear! We swam, played and threw each other off each others shoulders. I felt like a 5 year old kid again and couldn’t stop laughing. After that he took us to a seafood restaurant. He choked on his coconut juice when he tried to teach me to say “Can I have deepfried Banana” In Thai. You can only imagine what I did say so I have now given up on learning thai 😉

Early morning shoot

So much fun riding here at Anthem Wake Park! Here are some shots from yesterday morning where we woke up at 6 am, went riding for an hour on the absolute glass and then went back to sleep (:

Photos by: Yok Chaiwat



We woke up this morning and took our little scooter to the cable for a quick morning sesh. So much fun I got my S-bend on the full size cable (: After that, Rebecca had arranged for us to go out with one of her friends cruiser so we had the best 4 hours sipping drinks and tanning whilst cruising around Phuket. His boat was amazing, the photo’s I got from it doesn’t do it justice. We saw the James Bond islands and all the beaches on the way. I’m so lucky to be able to live this life ♥

 Edit: Found some better photos!