My body says STOP

Being here in Thailand is so much fun, riding every day and getting back into what I love. I’d almost forgotten about my ankle, sure I felt it every morning in my yoga that it was stiff and still pretty swollen but after that the tape came on, holdning it in place and jamming it down in my bindings it didn’t talk back much and when it did, I ignored it cause I was having so much fun. Yesterday it had enough. After riding pretty well behind the boat and getting most my tricks down for World Cup I had the best feeling in my gut so I decided to throw a trick I haven’t landed in a while. Edging in a knew that the crashes of this trick does hurt your ankle and that I probably shouldnt do it but I was sure I was going to stick it. Then my whole world turned upside down and I was screaming in pain. I pushed it one step too far and my ankle said stop. Being really worried about the World Cup I started the RICE procedure and instead of hanging out with the others down town I stayed at home with my ankle on a bunch of pillows with an ice pack. Today I went for my first examination of it and bless my lucky star it hasn’t swelled up too much!

I think this was my bodys way of reminding me that I’m still hurt and that I need to rest (since we’ve ridden for about 14 days straight here). Today I’m spening my day with my ice pack and the ipod in the boat, RESTING and letting my body heal. Sometimes you just can’t do everything you want, sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. No mather how much fun you are having…

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