Did anyone order glass?

It hurts my soul to be sitting on the dock looking out at this view but the last week has properly messed me up! Traveling through so many time zones, being on freezing flights and maybe celebrating a bit too hard after worlds has properly killed my immune system and everything in my body hurts! My nose is running, head pounding and I can’t stop couching. Even my muscles are hurting without me doing any exercise! Hopefully with rest, lot’s of healthy eating and vitamins I will be back on this glass shortly but it’s such torture forcing myself not to hit it.

It’s good being back in Spain now though and I had such a great US trip. I got to ride behind Raimi‘s G23 for my first time and I loved that beast of a wake. It was so fun to get out with a group of sick girls too, seeing as we almost only ride together (against each other) at competitions. I’m really impressed with how Bec Gange is riding atm! So much fun spending time with those girls off the water too and a big thanks to Abby who let me stay with her and to Nicola and Melissa for letting me crash at theirs too 😉

See you next summer America!

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