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What a weekend! The Dockland Summer Festival is an event in the heart of the city in Dublin and with the crowds estimated to 20 000 people both saturday and sunday it was pretty scary to strap on your board and hit the chilly Irish water. The event was mainly a Demo to try and get wakeboarding to the people and hopefully inspire some locals to try it one day but we had a contest format where the audience could vote for their favorite rider. I was so happy when local rider Aisling Deegan (who by the way is only 16!!) got the people’s support and got the most votes!

It was also great to see JB for four days since he flew all the way from Texas to get into a cold, wet wetsuit and spend the weekend with me. We’ve been looked after so well by the organizers who have taken us to different spots each day showing us off the best bars and restaurants in Dublin, my favorite one being to Rooftop bar right by the event!

Now I’m about to get on a plane for a quick visit to the Monster Energy head office in London before flying home to Stockholm and probably passing out quick in my own bed. Busy day ahead! 🙂

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