First time in Colombia

After a 10½ hour flight from Madrid to Bogota (without any tv-screens!) I was at the airport waiting for the last flight that would take me to Cali. All of a sudden I spotted my French friend Lucas Langlois by the money exchange and knowing that he was feeling a little nervous about travelling in South America (with what all of our friends has scared us with crazy stories about robbery and such) I decided to have some fun. So I sneaked up right behind him and then put my hand over his mouth and the other one gripping his throat. The amazing look on his face when he saw that it was me made all my grumpiness of the previous uncomfortable flight disappear. After saying all kinds of “@%&+#” and telling me that he almost broke my nose we hugged it out and (I) laughed about it.

Of course the rockstar, that is me, had booked the wrong flight from Bogota to Cali so after watching frenchy get on his and waiting for another halv hour to board mine the one hour flight felt so fast.

Once we arrived in Cali I was greeted by a whole group of volunteers that helped me carry my boardbag, got me a quick tv-interview (which felt awesome since I’d been traveling for 20 hours and I definitely looked my prettiest) and got me on the bus that would take me to the regerstration and then the hotel. I found the rest of the Frenchies on the same bus and we headed off for a 5 hour bus exhibition around Cali. When we finally got to our hotel, I passed out without blinking.

The next day we went to breakfast and saw the place we were staying at. It’s a golf club with a waterpark so we were all thrilled! After smashing some fresh fruit for breakfast we headed off to hit the waterslides and the kids playground. The whole day was practically spent in the water but when the clock reached five my jetlag started to hit me. I had to fight it for a whole 3 hours in which we had dinner and biked around the grounds before I finally let myself go to sleep at 8.30 pm. I felt like I had just closed my eyes before the room was bombarded by the rest of the Swedish team. My friend Lisa who I haven’t seen in 4 years woke me up by jumping in my bed and giving me the biggest hug. I was so happy to see her but I felt like it was 3 am I the morning and just wanted to go back to sleep. When I asked what time it was they said 11.30 so I was just a tiny bit off there.

Today the skiers are practicing and we’re chilling and I might try to play golf for my first time ever. Wish me luck 😉

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