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In May 2016 Mackie Rosen took a life changing fall in a wakeboard competition, dislocating his knee, tearing all ligaments and causing severe artery damage. The limited supply of blow flow to his foot caused a life threatening situation and Mackie had to have his left leg amputated.

There are no words to explain Mackies courage and strength, but the videos of him doing his physio exercises merly days after this injury and his ability to try and stay positive when his life has just been turned upside down might say it all.

Our goal with this page is to help Mackie finance a prosthetic leg that can get him back on his wakeboard! We have found a suitable leg (that will have to be able to handle the impact of wakeboarding and function to a higher standard) for 14 000 USD which is where all the money raised for this donation will go.

I know Mackie will do everything in his power to get out on the water again, now it’s time we do our part!


Find the donation page here: LINK

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