Jacob’s Well

DCIM105GOPROG0020099.DCIM105GOPROG0030120.DCIM105GOPROG0060170.G0150405DCIM105GOPROG0160421. G0130356 G0110312I made it to Texas and have been spending the past couple of days riding boat with JB and today we decided to take a break since I’m so sore a can barely get out of bed. After exploring the internet last time I was here we found some pictures of the nature reserve Jacob’s well. After finding out that you we’re not allowed to swim in it after september we didn’t go visit it then but today seemed like the perfect day for a spring-trip! After about 45 minutes in the car we reached the outlines of the reserve and since today was tuesday the parking lot was completely empty. Stoked, we got our towels and sunscreen out of the car and started following the signs to “The Well” only the walk straight into a big red sign the said “NO SWIMMING UNTIL MAY 1st”. Oh no, not again! We decided since we were there we should check it out anyways and we were greeted by the most beautiful view!

Since the water was so clear we decided, heck with it, and jumped in anyways. After a couple of minutes a family with three young children came around and since we were already swimming the little kids jumped in too. The water was freezing cold but so clear! It’s definitely one of the most astonishing places I’ve visited. The well goes down 23 ft (about 8 meters) and then continues into a cave system that goes for over a mile (1,6 km). After jumping around and diving as far down as we could for about an hour the park ranger came and told us off as we were happily drying in the sun.

Behind her came an old couple that winked at us and said “Well you’ve got to live life of the edge sometimes” while all the little kids giggled and we quickly left the park. All in all, such a good day 🙂


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  1. Hi there,

    I’d love to use one of these lovely images in a printed magazine piece if possible. Feel free to reply via my email address to discuss.


  2. Hello, I loved your story and photos of Jacob’s Well. Our organization the, Wimberley Valley Watershed Association, is the nonprofit that bought up the land around and the Well and is working to protect the aquifer and watershed that feed the spring. We would love to have your permission to use your photos in our year end report and feature on our social media. Please contact me below for more information.


    Davi d

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