Sorry for a lousy update, the blog is moving platforms and thats the reason why it’s been down for a few days.  But it looks like it should be alright now!

The last few days I’ve been spending with my family in Stockholm and seeing my new Physio, Britta, at the Swedish National Sports Complex Bosön. What can I say other than she is absolutely amazing and we’ve been working with acupuncture, massage as well as strengthening exercises. After a week of anti-inflamatry pills as well I feel so much better and I can’t wait to get back on my board. First up is the MRI tomorrow to really see what is up with my ankle and then I’m off to Åre with Betsafe for some snowboarding! It’s been about a year since I last played in the snow so I can’t wait for that either! Hopefully my MRI will give me good news and I can get cleared for getting back in the water since I’ve already booked flights to head back to Xtreme Gene on the 9th of April. I’ve been watching so many edits and dreaming about what to try next, plus hearing the stories from my friends who are already down there I feel like I’m sitting on nails. Thankfully I’ve been by the O’Neill Office TWICE since I’ve been back and they’ve cheered me up a lot with fresh summer clothes.

Well that’s a city update from me, talk more soon!



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