First day of this fall where I’ve worn a wetsuit. Winter is coming but the water here at Xtreme Gene is still nice and toasty. They guys did make fun of me a bit for suiting up already but I love this O’Neill Bahia so I don’t care. (Plus it hurts less to crash 😉 )As I said before I love riding at this time of the year and today I forced myself to push my limits even further. New tricks are so scary in the start but once you’ve tried them a couple of times and realize that you’re still alive they are super fun!

We’re about to have the first rain since May here in Cordoba this week-end so I’m happy to leave Xtreme for a bit to go surfing! I’ve started packing now and my flight is super early tomorrow morning but I can’t wait to try and catch some waves! Hopefully I wont get lost on my trainride from Bordeaux to Hossegor and hopefully the swell wont be too big for me. It’s going to be fun to watch the Quicksilver Pro anyhow and hopefully see my friend Lucas since he apparently lives only a couple of hours away!

If I’m not to dead from surfing I might update you on how things go. Until then

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