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P1550646 copyDress: O’Neill

Feels like summer finally arrived in Sweden, and last week I spent my days either out at the Cable parks in Stockholm or Västerås. Right now it’s mostly drinking coffee in the sun though 😉

JB is still here and I’m teaching him all the swedish I can, starting with Cocosboll and Saft. Yesterday we tuned into the live cast of the US Masters and I’m so pumped for Nicola who got second!! Both Meagan and Erika killed it too so congrats to all of you! Of course I wish I would’ve been on the invite list but I guess that’s what happen when you choke in WWA boat-contests because you’re nervous. There will always be another contest though and I don’t think this year was the year I was supposed to ride in the US masters but who knows, maybe I’ll compete in the next one.



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