Surflodge Limasan

Now I’ve been in Bali for nearly two weeks and I’m almost starting to feel indonesian 😉 While Anja and Pelle has left, two new surfers have arrived and even though I miss surfing with my Danish-friends as we were on the same level, surfing with these new guys is an awesome challenge. Having surfed for almost as many years as I have walked this earth they chose a bit harder breaks and bigger waves. The good news is that I’m turning pro on getting smashed as I repeatedly keep getting stuck with my big board in the impact zone (I’m now surfing a 6’8 so its my first “short-board”). Other than surfing I’ve definitely gone into relax-mode. Spending my days reading books at the pool, ordering my favorite food at the local restaurants and drinking coffee while waiting for the tide at the different breaks. Bali has so much to offer and I am grateful I get to spend almost a month here, even though I sometimes wish I would’ve brought all my family and friends with me 🙂

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